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URL vs. Domain vs. Subdomain

Hi @Sven,

quick question about the three types of links - I let PR Emulator check TF and CF for url, tld and subdom (if available). When using the PR emulator with any given link/formula and checking these six values, which are used for the emulation value?

I understand that when I let the software check the URL values those apply... but when I check URL & tld, which values will the program use to calculate the PR?

Best Answer

  • SvenSven
    Accepted Answer
    Well it is using the exact URL here. BUT as SER sends not the URL but the domain/Subdomain here instead of the URL (according to project settings) it is OK I guess.


  • @Sven, thanks for clarification! Awesome... project-depending settings AND stand-alone URL metrics are the most flexible combination imagineable.

    Should have known... you always seem to tackle these issues just the right way *g*
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