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I want to get a bit of clarification around the scheduler. The default setting is do 10 projects at a time, and to switch projects every 30 minutes. So if you had 20 projects, it would do 10 first the first 30 mins, then the other 10 for the next 30, then back to the first 10 after that. Is that correct?

Which means that if you had 480 projects, it would give them all a go in a 24 hour period, but if you had more than that, it would take more than a day.

So assuming you want everything to run evenly, is there any reason you wouldn't just set it to 99999 projects at the same time? Or does the number need to be <= the number of threads? And if yes, I am using 100 threads, is there any reason I wouldn't set it to 100 projects at the same time?

Sorry, I know there are a lot of questions in there... would be great if someone could clear this up for me. I did look for answers in the forum and in the manual, but I couldn't get it.


  • SvenSven
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    You can of course use more projects than available threads or whatever you want here. Most people use this because they have problems with the huge amount of projects and the used memory when running all at the same time (crash / out of resources).
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