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How many articles do you spin per project?

Hi, im new to this and i just have built my first links on my tier 2 2.0 website. 

I want to build 10 2.0 sites and link them to my money site. So for my first 2.0 site i ordered 4 articles and made spintax on them. Now i want to build links to my other 9 2.0 sites, but can i use the same articles and make new spintax on them or do i need to use new articles? and how many articles do you suggest me to use on 1 2.0 site? i build for each 2.0 site about 100 - 150 links. thanks you :)


  • anyone?:(
  • Well you want unique content on each one, i.e. different from the original article.

    So it's not a question of how many but how many articles can you spin from one article and for it to still be a different article from the original. And that depends on how manmy words your original article has, how much it has been spun etc etc.
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    Thanks for your answer i really appreciate it. How many words do you recommend me to use when i want to post between 100 - 150 links. I currently posting articles of 500 words. My appologies if this a broad question. Anyway thanks for your help!

    ps. which software do you use to spin as much articles of one article?
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