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Suggestions on setup?

Hi all
Just purchased this magical tool. Very nice!
My scenario is as follows:
25 private proxies
PRJacker listening on for requests from PI. 25 threads enabled in PRJacker. Proxies are on.
PI is set at 25 threads to match PRJacker. Deep linking and wildcards are enabled. Proxies are off.
My question is - can I increase the threads on PI or will this bury the proxies used on PRJacker and lower my identified percentage?


  • shaunshaun
    We need your server/VPS specs....

    Bring up task manager and see what resources your system is using right now. If its less than 80% slowly increase threads until you are around the 80% mark. You could go higher but I personally like to keep 20% buffer for random surges.
  • Hi Shaun
    Thanks for that suggestion. I'll check that out. 
    What I'm most concerned with is overloading my proxies and whether I have to match the threads between PI and PRJacker.
  • shaunshaun
    If you have SER or Scrapebox then load your proxies into it and run a speed test. Then increase threads and repeate, when the proxy speeds starts to fall you have found a soft limit. Set your own personal hard limit as you see fit.
  • Ok. Good idea. Thanks.
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