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Should Gsa indexer and re director be used together

hi guys and gals 

I was wondering if gsa indexer and URL re director should be used with each other 


  • SvenSven
    Depends on your SEO needs. Personally I would use URL Redirector with SER and build links with SER to the once that URL Redirector created. Then I would use SEO Indexer for links created with SER.

  • russruss uk
    edited May 2016
    thanks sven 

    so just make it simpler for my brain my links and incorporate the re director whilst the links are being built 

    2. after they are built do a separate campaign on top of the ones with that have been built then index them 

    also just another quick question and i'll leave you alone lol would it make a difference if i use private proxies on both 

  • SvenSven
    Sorry I can't explain it differently as in my first post. English is not my first nor second language. Maybe someone else can jump in?

    Private proxies on URL Redirect or SEO Indexer have not much use in my eyes.
  • no worries sven appreciate the time for your help ........ i'll probably pop again sometime soon with some more questions at some point but hopefully someone be able to jump in 

    Thanks again 
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