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what does this sock error mean

08:38:17: [-] 09/25 download failed (Return: -, SockError: Software caused connection abort) -

I checked my proxies they're all good


  • SvenSven
    that could be done by a firewall/anti virus or SER stopped it as of...

    a) thinking proxy is down
    b) you aborted it (pressed stop)
    c) SER detected that inet connection is down
  • this started after the last update 10.90

    a) I tested proxies they tested good, semi dedicated 20 of them

    b) I did not abort the campaign

    c) I have other software running on the same server se nuke and others running fine.

  • upgrading to 10.91 maybe that will resolve this.
  • also this is a dedicated server that all my applications run on, I would saw a lost of internet connection in the server log
  • SvenSven
    yes you can as well turn that detection off in advanced options...can safe you some cpu resources.
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