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Hi all i need help please xx

Hi guys i really need help 
i am having to enter articles manually at the moment because of some api error on gsa however im unsure how to add spintax to these using gsa can someone tell me what to do please thanks alot

P.s i had software such as article creator etc but too complicated for me thats for men lol i just need help how to do it using gsa alone thanks


  • SvenSven
    Im on it finding that API error. It's for sure from the spinning config but I haven't found it yet.

    spin syntax explained:
  • thank you if you could help as soon as possible with the api error alot easier for me 

    and that guide you showed me too complicated for me lol 

    i just wanna push a button hahaha to make it spin like i was doing before

    thank you
  • could it be google blocking the articles?? bad proxies??

    im unsure as before i was using it it was working great and fast with lots of joomla k2 i use 150 proxies so i cant see that being the problem  unsure though something has threw it off track im using the current version at the moment
  • After i add the articles manually can i not just rick click the article and spin it on gsa?? does tis not work sven?
  • SvenSven
    update is out.
  • can i update gsa now yeah ??
  • SvenSven
  • russruss uk
    edited May 2016
    I would also recommend using SCM as that saves me a lot of time thats on the tier 2 and tier 3 
  • sven ive updated now but its now not working at all ?? it going to 2% and saying no articles found
  • when i click add then search its not moving from 2% then after maybe 2 -3 minutes it comes up no articles found
  • its ok sven its working 
  • its coming up though in the articles hacked by rakers turkish rakers
  • but its loading articles again thanks
  • SvenSven
    "hacked by rakers turkish rakers" might come from sites in the search_content.dat file...will have a look and remove it.
  • thanks sven your top
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