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Import txt to the sl site list to verify them - Best way?

Must I do dummy projects for every singe txt file that I got yesterday (purchased some verified link lists) to verify the links and import them to the sl file (site list)?


  • SvenSven
    no, you can do that in option->advanced->tools->import...
  • Ok, it's the  "Import URLs" option to use then? 
  • SvenSven
  • Ok!

    I have seen this tutorial in a forum and I really can't see how that should work. It's about getting more target URLs by using a SER list. In short:
    1. Get a list of verified blog comments from GSA
    2. Extract all internal links by using Scrapebox Link Extractor (Internal)
    3. Extract all external links (from all internal)  by using Scrapebox Link Extractor (External)
    4. Import the list to a project in GSA and let it sort it for you.

    Isn't it something missing here? It seems that you post to others money sites in the Forth step. It's really kinda crazy that someone are creating a tutorial that doesn't work at all or am I missing something here?

  • SvenSven
    Usually people do not send the money site to guestbooks, blog comments or other lower quality links but they send there web2.0s or lower tiers to it. So ther eis a good chance that from all the links you see on that types of sites, you get a list of nice sites to post to.

    Thats some method behind "option->advanced->tools->import->Parse verified URLs (others linking on same URL)"
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