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need help in using macro to manage using articles

I'm trying to make a an article stock on c:/articles/
then after I carefully read this page:
I found some errors that I cannot solve

1. is this macro is still working:
as it didn't give results in the test or preview

2. if I want to spin paragraphs from the articles
in normal using this macro will use random file, %spinfolder-c:\articles\%
but if I want to spin paragraphs what should I do?
I used this %spinfile-c:\articles\% is this okay or I should use another method? like spin files then get random paragraghs?

3. using #spin ... #nospin
is this available to use the internal spinner, I already downloaded the English pack, and it is working properly for me
but using it in the macro gives error: "error":"Incorrect API_KEY"
is there any way to use it as default?

Thanks in advance :)


  • SvenSven
    1. This is indeed not working in TEST/Preview...I will try adding it.
    2. There is no random paragraph macro. However if you do it like this it will work: Iin the files add just one paragraph and use the macro %spinfolder2-c:\articles\% several times in the article body.
    3. Should only happen if you use some kind of other spinner there with wrong details.
  • Thanks Sven
    1. yes it working properly however it is not shown in the TEST/Preview
    2. This is okay for me I will choose from the available macros
    3. There is no details chosen in the "Spin Syntax Converter" window just I go to LibreOffice Thesaurus and download English th
    all other fields for other spinners are empty, Please advice
  • I just noticed that the best free spinner is marked as active
    I think it is removed from the options as it is no longer support API
    but it marked as active by error, I'm checking if I can deactivate it
  • BShahinBShahin Egypt
    edited May 2016
    I also noticed that this error: "error":"Incorrect API_KEY"
    is the error of SpinnerBR

    however it is unchecked also confirmed from config.ini
    I still get the same error
  • SvenSven
    can you send me the config backup?
  • BShahinBShahin Egypt
    edited May 2016
    Here is it:
  • SvenSven
    latest update should fix things for you.
  • Yes it solved
    Many thanks :)
  • BShahinBShahin Egypt
    edited May 2016
    spin not working on title
    when I use: #spin%spinfilename-c:\articles\%#nospin
    the output shown in the TEST/Preview is: #spinTITLE HERE#nospin
    the spin not working just treated as normal strings

    it is working properly in the live links however it showing this error in the TEST/Preview
  • SvenSven
    edited May 2016
    ok fixing it on next update.
  • also not working in wiki engines
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