Bought PRJacker 4 days ago, still cant figure it out to work... please help ?

can someone explain how this peace of shit works cuz all I have done so far brings me nothing.. no logs, no stats nothing.. i press start and it just sits there for 4 days now.. and there are soo little options in it that I just dont know what the heck I need to do to make it work ? 

please help !


  • SvenSven
    Even though you should better have bought our tool instead, you can follow the instuctions here:
  • redraysredrays Las Vegas
    I bought PR Jacker a while ago, and I strongly suggest that if he still has some kind of return policy that you return it and buy the GSA tool instead. The guy stopped supporting his software for a long stretch of time. He was not even courteous enough to reply to support emails while it was broken. Completely untrustworthy.
  • RegalRegal Romania
    edited May 2016
    Can your tool filter PR with DA/PA as well? I need to sort the links based on PA/DA metrics.

    And 2nd question:
    I have to use my private proxies on gsa pr emulator? or i can use public ones!
  • SvenSven
    @Regal It's not using MOZ API sorry due to license issues with that.
    You can use public or private.
  • RegalRegal Romania
    edited May 2016
    Are you going to implement PA/DA as well ? or is going to stick only with CF/TF only from now on.

    PR Jacker was very good because it was connected to the moz!

    TF/CF is not really a good judge of a inner page. It's more useful to use PA/DA statistics instead! At least from my opinion..

    And last question:
    How many proxies do you recommand minimum for your tool to work properly ?

    EDIT: actually i saw that moz does not allow you to use their service integrated in tool
  • SvenSven
    @Regal indeed thats why we left it out for now.

    Anyway just a small side note to the Majestiv vs. MOZ thing: I have recently setup a new domain without promoting it anywhere. I was surprised seeing bots visiting it regularly and noticed that MOZ was not among them but Majestic and coming back all the time.
    Though it might not be a quality factor how often they visit you, but for me it was a good sign to trust Majestic more than MOZ.

    The among of proxies you need depends on the number of queries made. Remember that each proxy can only be used every 10 seconds.
  • u should get your money back

  • DoonDoon Netherlands
    thanks for the link I will buy GSA PR instead, I didnt knew they brought this back up

  • I want to confirm that prjacker is completely dead. @emptee No more updates. Anyone know the developer to find out if he's going to work on this or not? Thanks.
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