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Whats your Preferred Proxies?

Hey whats up guys?! As you know that producing fresh virgin proxies today is really hard since there are no more ip4 creation available.. So what are your proxy provider that works in google and gsa?

Rotating proxies =??
Dedicated proxies =??
Shared proxies =??

What provider?
How many?


  • edited May 2016
    For me still the best proxy provider:
  • redraysredrays Las Vegas
    Wow, seems everyone is pushing affiliate links on this forum recently :\

    I'm using 50 shared proxies from Buy Proxies. Every few months I cancel my subscription to test another provider, and I've yet to find anyone as good / affordable. I've also tested larger amounts and using dedicated only and did not notice significant improvements in performance.
  • @redrays

    Nothing new there...

    I use buyproxies too. Never get any complaints.
  • For me shared works ok. Depends on what task i use them anyway
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