GSA is not viable for parasite approach

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GSA SER as a stand alone tool with 30 dedicated proxies Captcha breaker and Scrape box scraping/SER search engine scraping is inefficient to pull off 7k links per day. 

At max it gets around 100-150 verified links per day, regardless of what settings are applied, and this goes for very optimistic settings with all the filters disabled, all languages, all regions, no OBL restrictions and all the contextual engines that are somewhat worth building backlinks on.

Research was done reading through countless discussion on forums and guides testing lot of different settings.

SO the tool-set goes as followed, broken down for easier sightseeing.

GOAL : at least 5 k verified links per day for parasite link building

- 30 dedicated proxies
- CB 
- Scraped lists with SB and also tried GSA scraping. (2 000 000 sites daily from scrapebox harvesting using all GSA engine footprints)
- Dedicated PC, great internet speed (400 Mbit/s)
- variable thread count and no limitations from PC performance

Now I face the dilemma, keep testing more and get the results eventually or buying sitelists is the only option.


  • SvenSven
    Well it's not much you provide here to help you. Even though a 5k verified amount of URLs seems difficult, it is still possible with correct setups. If this is not some anti propaganda for GSA SER then feel free to post details and Im sure people will kindly offer help for optimized settings.

    A 100 to 250 verified is very low and not normal unless you use public proxies or some other strange settings.
  • shaunshaun - The Ultimate Resource For Free GSA Tool Tutorials!
    I'm crazy tired right now but from reading your post you seem to misunderstand a fair few things. SER is a tool, its only as good as you understand it. Keep tweaking the tool and learning it.

    I posted in a thread a few weeks back showing how one of my set ups is pulling around 1 million verified links per day. I ran a test since then with just non contextuals engines I was able to pull close to 2.5 million verified links per day....
  • @shaun have you got a link to that post?
  • shaunshaun - The Ultimate Resource For Free GSA Tool Tutorials!

    Made a few posts in that thread about it, couples of screenshots too.
  • Do follow links are the answer!
  • I think the focus on LPM/VPM is a questionable strategy. Each of us has a different niche and different needs. The cool thing about SER is the flexabilty to handle each of those needs. It is top software that is for sure.

    In terms of hammering out SER links, in MY niche that would be suicide on Tier 1. But for churn and burn, have at it. SER will deliver the results. As @shaun has been kind enough to post, SER can go flame-on and deliver monster results.

    My m.s. is a 10 year old site, so dropping 500k links to it is just too risky. But with that said, I do generate massive link volume at upper tiers. Like @shaun, I do not seem to have a problem generating volume. So I can only guess that it must be the scraped list, or SER settings that are holding you back.
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