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Reducing No-Follows/High Do-Follow Sites

anarchyforeveranarchyforever Buena Park, CA USA
Too many of my blog/db recipients are creating automatic no-follows. Is there a way to eliminate the sites that have that? I am new to the software. In the future, more people will probably have automatic no-follow rel creators, is there a way to make GSA more of a press release service where sites that are more likely to give a do-follow, say if they read post first, have a limited number of both do-follows and no-follows where your link means more, and/or your post is checked for uniqueness against content elsewhere on the net where if more original, it is more likely to earn a link? Please e-mail me at I am a programmer for Internet sales/marketing developing new ideas and offering assistance.


  • I would also like to know if there is a way (or button in GSA) that would either reduce or limit no follows

  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
    edited June 2018
    Well, it seems Sven and GSA  already thought of this. :)

    I guess there are times you want to skip creating no-follow links, tho u do want some. Just how many... ????? Anyway, another discussion... :p

    GOTO Options Button in GSA-SER. THe select Options (yes, options in options! that's right!)

    Scroll down...where you see blue [-] Filter URLs, notice  the checkbox that says (in blue), "Try to skip creaitng Nofollow Links".

    Say u wanna do the opposite, and create NOFOLLOW only: Click on the blue tect and now you're skipping DOFOLLOW only, when checkbox checked.

    You can  also right-click on the engines panel in each project and de-select engines with no-follow links.
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