Bad Result When Combine GSA and Scrapebox

I harvested 200k URLs from Scrapebox
Then I filter Remove duplicate URLs in scrapebox.
Next , in GSA , I right click on the project and click choose file import target url which I harvested from scrapebox .
but the result is bad .
1 submitted and 3 verifed for 200k URLs
And the project notification  : No target to post ......
I used 10 private proxies , and they still work well .
Please help me  , how to run  GSA effectively URLs which harvested from scrapebox ?
Thanks .


  • looplineloopline
    Scrapebox by default will export in Unicode format which GSA does not support.  So make sure you either choose export >> export as url encoded ansi file

    or just go to options >> select default export file format and choose ANSI
  • jamessaylorjamessaylor california
    edited May 2016
    Thank you for your reply @loopline
    I get footprint blog comment in GSA .
    Then I add them to scrapebox and harvest urls
    I harvested 100k urls , then I remove duplicate urls .
    End up with 38k url .
    I import them to GSA ( import target url ) and run .
    It submitted 2k7 , but only 12 verified .
    I don't know why .
    I use 10 private proxies and they still work well.
    I use 10 emails and they are ok .
  • looplineloopline
    Well you can do a verification only, and sometimes GSA needs time, like if you put time limits between posts etc...

    Does GSA say it imported 38K links?

    I don't know what your using, but some platforms have a very low approval rate.  For example if your doing wordpress verified rate is going to be about 1%.  Sometimes less.  So you post 2700 links and your going to get 27 or less. 

    Thats why people buy lists, because its just a lot of work. 

    I mean it could be that you messed up the scraping somehow by tacking on extra footprints or your keywords just didn't have lot of producing results etc...  But its a lot of churning thru targets in order to find ones to post to, that is for sure. 

    Try a few million and see how it goes. 
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