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help projects aren't pausing when suppose too.

Sven or anyone please tell me why my project isn't pausing after the amount of submitted links are built. very frustrating

I have pause the project checked after 10-15 submissions reached in a day, and the "per url" box is checked.

Thanks in advance


  • SvenSven
    make sure those submissions are really those with a link submission because the once where an account is created are not counted.
  • Hmmm. Is there a way to purge or clean out my verified folder to improve the quality of my verifieds? What do you suggest? Any ideas to help improve this?
  • SvenSven
    hmm you mean the site list? Use the CleanUP option for that.
  • All I see is the domain and next to it says (awaiting account verification). I thought if I checked 10 submitted per url per day. It pauses, but for some reason it just keeps running and building a ridiculous amount of submitted urls, which is way more than the setting per day.


    tier1, 5 links per day
    tier2, 10 links per day submitted per url checked (so that should be total of 50 links)

    GSA is submitting like 500 or more when it should should pause at 50
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