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Best Setting for GSA SER (No. Of Threads, Proxies,LPM,HTML Timeout,Bandwidth etc)

Can someone suggest me Best Setting for GSA SER ?
No. Of Threads?
HTML Timeout?
Bandwidth Limit?
PR Filter ?
Scheduled Posting ?
Captcha setting ?
No. of emails?
Any other setting which is recommended?
I am a new user of gsa ser so kindly help.

Best Answers

  • Accepted Answer
    No of threads should be 10 X no of proxies ( I use 30 proxies and 300 threads )

    Proxies -- depends how many threads you want to use. I don't recommend going above 500 threads/50 proxies when you are using your own url list

    HTML time out should be 120. Increase it if your proxies are slow

    I don't use bandwidth filter since my vps has 10 TB bandwidth

    PR filter ? What's with you guys PR was dead and sense less years ago and now Google has officially wrote it's dead
    So no PR filter .

    Scheduled setting depends on the project you are working

    I use captcha breaker only with 3 retries

    10 emails or 1-3 catchall
    I prefer catch all because it doesn't ban my accounts and catch all login is much faster than yahoo login .

    You need a guide . Use google to get some good guide
  • jonseojonseo UK
    Accepted Answer
    @anunaadarts Sorry mate, but no. Nobody can answer your questions.

    And yes, I'm dead serious. Because all the answer depend on various factors, which include but are not limited to:
    • your overall SEO goal
    • your current domain portfolio
    • your budget
    • ...
    Like in real life, there is no "perfect setting" for GSA SER - one of the reasons this software is so great is that it allows you to tune every aspect...

    Let me give you an example.

    No. Of Threads? Proxies? Real easy one

    No-brainer! If you plan to build 1 high-roller link to your money site each week, 1 proxy and 5 threads will do easily. Planning to blast? I suggest you go with 5 virtual private servers, about 5k proxies and a number of threads that works in your environment.

    See my point? The range is vast. Both ends of the spectre do make sense. Without any clue about your intentions/strategy, your questions can and should not be answered.

    And that's my honest opinion.

  • DoonDoon Netherlands
    Accepted Answer
    I have tested many options and I came to the conclusion that GSA SER is not helping at all. 
    I have tested it on 2 sites who are exactly the same.

    1 site fully done with GSA SER directly on money site
    2 other site done with another tool which builds web2.0's profiles social network posts etc. (diagrams)

    the first site has sometimes 5 views.. sometimes 6 views.. sometimes 0 views.
    the second site has between 30-80 views daily (the one without GSA SER on moneysite)

    Ahrefs premium reports.

    the Ahrefs premium reports give my GSA SER site a higher value, higher DR, higher global rank, higher everything.. even the keyword cloud is 300+ and gives results what position I am in Google

    the second site with ahrefs premium report (the one without GSA SER) gives bad reports, very high global rank (in the 100million range), keyword cloud finds only 20 keywords, very low DR.

    the reports from google analytics are exactly opposite. 
    The first site brings allmost nothing in from search engines (1 or 2 links daily)

    While the second site brings in from google between 10-40 links per day (from google mostly and bing second place)

    now what I am concerned of is that people still use GSA SER on their Tier 3 links. but according to my results, if this is what GSA SER does on your moneysite, why would we use it on tier 3 links ? 

    This is the main reason WHY i did it on my moneysite. I wanted to know what it would do to my tier 2-3-4 links. And to test this is I created a fully working optimized site with analytics set up. 

    I know you poeple gonna say now that moneysite spam is basically no-go. 
    But im sure I can tell to all you guys your using GSA SER the same way I have used it on my moneysite on your Tiered links... 

    Basically im buying now 2 other softwares who can do just that.
    SEO diagrams, no GSA SER... the results amazed me. I have no clue what to do with GSA SER now...
    If you want to come to your own conclusions, and you got enough spare time to do a test like I did for the upcoming 2 monhts.. be my guest and try it out yourself...
  • DoonDoon Netherlands
    Accepted Answer
    Basically what im trying to say.. is... black hat still works.. but GSA SER worked long long time ago... it's creating links soo fast... like it's still living back in the days where the more links the merrier. today this is not the case anymore. this method worked when ? 2002? 2003? 2004? it's 2016 now.. google's algorithm should be called Anti GSASER. 

    The only thing that works is high quality blogs, high quality social network posts, high quality profiles.. Nothing else works.. Period.. im done here.. 
  • Accepted Answer
    @doon pm me please the other software you are using that amazes you. Would like to take a look. Thank you.
  • redraysredrays Las Vegas
    Accepted Answer
    @doon, if you think the issue is that SER creates links too quickly, why not adjust your settings so that it slows down?
  • DoonDoon Netherlands
    Accepted Answer
    exactly that is a possibility, but I think the whole GSA SER method is wrong today. It spams your stuff on other sites. I think today it has a negative impact even if you would do it manually, and not using GSA SER. 

    And with the method i mean, go here in this blog and add your domain for a link. than go to the next one and add your link to that site as well.. 

    compared to making blogs, profiles and social network posts / bookmarks. 
    believe me, this is the way to go. build accounts and links in your created accounts, dont create accounts to comment a link, i think this is 100% accurate what my statistics are showing me.

    I will create a "sort of" negative post about it once I am 100% sure if this is true, and to figure this out I have done something only an idiot would do. That is create links with GSA SER to my moneysite which has already a +- good position in google (page 2-3)  / bing (page 1-2)  and brings in 5k unique traffic a month. 

    If after my test this shit drops, without a penalty from google, without any reason to think I have been penalized, but it still has this negative effects of traffic coming in. I will post it here :)


  • Sorry Mr. Doon !
    I am a proud user of gsa ser and it has changed my site's traffic in 45 days from 150 daily page-views to 1000 daily page-views and my youtube channel traffic from 5000 monthly visitors to 60000 monthly visitors so i am 100% satisfied with GSA SER and i have checked many other tools and found gsa ser the best no 1 tool.And Sven has already launched new software GSA PR EMULATOR so now its a replacement of google PR Filter.
    But anyways thanks for reply and off-course everyone has different views and experience.
  • DoonDoon Netherlands
    Sure, your welcome..

    I dont give up on GSA SER yet.. I had a site generating around 5k visitors monthly.. without any SEO tool. Just on-page optimization and social networking (FB, twitter, instagram, google+) 

    I started blasting it now with GSA SER directly on moneysite to see what will happen with the statistics, if that site get's less search enginge traffic after 1 week of GSA SER, I will definitly throw it away for good. 

    (because I heard about a sandbox that google throws you in on new sites with high backlinks growth in short period of time) 

    if that site gets doomed by the Search engines after using it just one week, I will just use my other tools and create only blogs / webprofiles / social network posts etc.. 
  • DoonDoon Netherlands
    Also I have to say this... How I figured this problem...

    I had a very well optimized On-page site. who brought me decent traffic from google, I started GSA SER on it to think it will bring more, and all it has done is decrease my traffic from search engines in matter of days.

    So if this happens to a more stable 1 year old site who brings 5k traffic, I will know that the method of posting comments on sites, is just NO-GO for google today. 
  • Just remove all verified links from tier1 that contain "members" or "profiles" in its url. Then you start tier 2 and you will build backlinks only for contextual links.  I've done this for article engine. I suppose it can be done for the rest too.
  • redraysredrays Las Vegas
    @doon - what you're saying doesn't make sense to me. If it's possible to destroy websites in a matter days using SER, your 'seo strategy' should be to point SER links at your competition and climb to the top as they all tank. I'm confident that if you test this out that's not what will happen :)

    At the end of the day, I believe that the search engines don't know who pointed links to your site. This makes it difficult to penalize people just for using SER. If you disagree, I'd love to hear the mechanism that you think Google and Bing are using to figure out that you deserve to be penalized.
  • redrays, they break patterns very well for sure. Link diversity due to number of platforms, domains should be at maximum SER can manage. Also, we shouldn't make backlinks for non contextal links. I've noticed that buddy press engine makes some profiles with link, but stored under article category. So making backlinks for this type of links is unnatural. I couldn't find way to stop this, but removing links manually. I don't make backlinks for non contextual links at all. With high quality content and this approach I don't think search engines would penalize anyone.
    I don't have much experience, so correct me if I'm wrong.
  • redraysredrays Las Vegas
    @danco1401986 - yes, SER does classify some questionable link types as contextual. To turn off these profiles, go to options, scroll down to 'Types of Backlinks to Create', and uncheck 'Profile-Contextual'. This should do the trick.

    Google is great at detecting patterns, but the Internet is very big, and it's not easy to write an algorithm to organize it. People often give them too much credit. If SER was as poisonous as some say, negative seo would be ridiculously easy. But it's not ridiculously easy.

    I agree with you on the importance of increasing the number of domains linking to your website. I don't really focus on platform diversity, figuring it will more or less take care of itself. Instead I build links on the contextual platforms that I know index well.
  • I found this earlier but gave up because of this warning :) Thanks

    You don't think that if joomla k2 makes 80 % of contextual links in tier 1 it's a footprint ? 
  • redraysredrays Las Vegas
    No problem :)

    Yeah, it's probably not a great idea to have things skew to that extreme. I should've been more clear - if you're using quality contextual platforms on SER, which imo doesn't include Joomla K2, platform diversity will more or less take care of itself. Back when I used K2, it did end up dominating as a % of links.
  • @redrays

    Negative SEO is pretty prettttttty easy though... I can get a site deindexed quite easily.
  • redraysredrays Las Vegas
    @BigGulpsHuhWelp, I'd love to see an example. I haven't bothered trying it myself, but in a few of my niches I've seen the top few guys get hit with absolutely no negative impact over a long time period (12 months minimum).
  • I wouldn't use links for neg seo, you can use mass social signals from Fiverr though.
  • redraysredrays Las Vegas
    Never heard of anyone doing that, I've read about people getting Youtube videos taken down by sending crappy Fiverr views to them though.
  • I don't think SER links will bring down a site. I think once you get authority in your niche, G assumes that some of that may be heading your way and discounts those types of actions. Where you may be able to take a site out, is one that is on the climb in the serp, with a big surge. Would be interested in seeing any real life examples though.
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