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Keep being asked by Captcha


I am using Captcha Sniper on 2 servers. One is working fine, the other one as well, but GSA prompts me to complete some captchas, not all, like I ticket to be asked if CS fails. I checked all projects, the options is not checked.

What could cause the problem?


  • SvenSven

    If you do not want to see captcha request popups in SER, you have to uncheck the box called “Finally ask user if everything else fails”.

    Another popup with questions can be turned off when you go into project settings and turn the box “If a form field can`t be filled” from “Ask User” to “Random”.

  • Yeah, Sven right, sorry.
    Wasn't able to find from where to uncheck in bulk ask user to random or skip but did it manually for all 150 projects :)
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