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Posting Multiple Articles To Same Account

TryAMillionTryAMillion United Kingdom
edited May 2016 in Need Help
So far I been making blasts with 1 spun article and letting it go through the list of sites in my database but would like to be able to add and submit further articles. I know can add list of articles in the Article Manager for the project but not too sure on how to get it to for example, if add 5 different spun articles, to get it to add the 5 into each account.

I seen in the Options tab of the project that there is a Scheduled Posting section which has "Allow posting on same site again", and "Maximum Posts per Account". Do I simply need to check allow posting to same site again and set the maximum posts per account to number of articles added? If there is any more to this, let me know please.

* Would setting that number cause it to have the 5 different articles or would it put it as a type of spin so not directly the 5 but as it calculates... ART 1,1,2,4,5 for an example or ART 1,2,3,4,5?

* If I was to close the software and start at a later time, what effect would that have on starting and stopping the project? (would it go to the start of what it has submitted or carry on with the list - I am guessing with the setting there for "time to wait between 2 posts" is the answer and it starts a new thread to those sites once that time has elapsed)
* If I add more articles later down the line into a project, how does that effect it if I start project again? (would it go to the old submitted sites and do the newly added)
* If a project is running and I Edit project and add further articles, would it include that in real time or do I have to stop and start project? Also off topic a bit, but does this apply generally with other options in project. If I make changes does it factor it in right away or does it need stopping and starting again?

Also what is the maximum accounts per site and how does it apply with submissions. I know that is slightly off topic but it is on same section in the Options tab. With the above would setting that result in having 5 articles in each account, and if set 3, would have 3 accounts with 5 articles in each?


  • SvenSven
    You need to have set the scheduled posting to the wanted amount of articles to post + maybe use the option to not submit same article again in article manager (last option).
    Also make sure you have as many email accounts added as you want accounts.
  • TryAMillionTryAMillion United Kingdom
    Thanks @Sven

    Would have been good to have answers to the other questions but done a test with whether changes to any settings are done in real time and so far tested with changing amount of threads in options and after ok'ing, it changed the amount of threads in real time, so that is great stuff :)

    I also placed more emails and articles and so far looks like it is posting more than 1 article. Have to check if multiple accounts created, but I am sure it is, if it is doing all the rest :)

    Real time is a very good feature which allows running a project and then doing changes, adding sites, articles while running and it uses that in real time. I like it.
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