Can someone recommend me a good second captcha service ?

Hi, can someone recommend me a good second captcha service (1st is CB)
what is a good second one that will bring the best results? Blazing ? Captchatronix ? something else... ?


  • shaunshaun
    What do you want it for mate? ReCaptchas?

    CaptchaTronix is a waste of time, it is basically a SaaS version of GSA CB.
    I tried Blazing but didnt like it and it cant do ReCaptcha Blobs.
    I have used ReverseProxiesOCR in the past for ReCaptchas but im pretty sure it returns the vast majority of false possitives so I ended the sub.

    Now I just run with GSA CB and used the money I used to put into Indexing and secondary captchas to increase my scraping game.
  • redraysredrays Las Vegas
    I haven't been happy with anything since Eve closed a while back. I've used both CaptchaTronix and Blazing, the second only on a trial basis, and I was not satisfied with either one. I had a horrible experience with Spamvilla years ago, and ReverseProxies had some outages a few months back that weren't addressed in a timely fashion (at least according to the sales thread here).
  • For what it's worth I just use GSA CB the most of the time.

    If I'm hitting some high authority sites then I'll activate my sub to DBC and I have a small sub to Blazing's Text Captcha service since it's a monthly fee instead of per captcha which is how it should be and I figure it helps me snag some links that others may miss.

  • DoonDoon Netherlands
    I ordered captchatronix and use it only on recaptcha, it was doing +- oke i guess.. 
  • DoonDoon Netherlands
    I said doing because now It's killing it and not solving shit and the delay is 33 seconds for a unsolved captcha from their service, soooo i think im forced to upgrade.. but now that i am forced to upgrade to a plan for like 30-40$ more.. i am rethinking if this was a good choice, since 2captcha is only 1 dollar per thousand. meaning I could have solved together with my initial plan about 50-60k captchas for the month :( I dont know if its worth it in the end
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    I didn't have luck with captchatronix really but I definitely solve a lot more captchas using reverse proxies ocr particularly recaptcha. Actually I've tested doing disabled gsa captcha breaker altogether and reverse proxies ocr was solving a really high percent on its own even without it
  • DoonDoon Netherlands
    omg I remember this, this service was horrible... man everywhere I read about these OCR's its good and bad, like reverse proxies your telling me.. i tried them.. It didnt solved shit.. all recaptchas were with mistakes. 
    I just bought captchatronix and I can see that there are minor mistakes.. usually 1 letter in the entire captcha.. while when I tried reverse proxies... man o man.. a captcha like

    moarst bloathli 

    resulted sometimes in 

    moorrl blouatli 

    while with captcha tronix it's usually 1 letter error, and it's even hard to see like a t mistaken with an l or instead of an n its a m. 

    so I know that there are also a decent amount getting trough.. since the mistakes are minor. But when I had reverseproxies I instantly cancelled during the trial
  • I'm with captchatronix and it's working okay for me. don't like blazing as well, don't suggest anyone waste your money on any service/product from that company.
  • shaunshaun
    @Dunce how are you measuring its performance? If it's the success % in the bottom right corner of CB then that's massively incorrect, reported the bug to Sven and hoping to have it fixed soon.

    Captcha Tronix was reporting 92% sucessful on ReCaptchas but when I manually checked it I think it was just below 30%.
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    Is CaptchaBreakers reporting incorrect? I always assumed Sven had synced it up with GSA, so final success percentage was connected to the "Successful Captcha" footprint in the engine files.

    I know with CaptchaTronix and others (Whatever the quality of the OCR they use might be), its pretty much impossible for them to know if they really solved the captcha - all they can know is that they *think* they solved the captcha.

    I only mention this because were working on our own OCR at the moment, and without SER reporting back "Incorrect, try again", all we know is we recognized the captcha according to our OCR. (And to solve the next one if it gets resent)
  • shaunshaun
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    1linklist its covered more in this thread.

    Basically though. Right now CBs stats are based on if it thinks it recognises the image correctly and it seems to automatically accept what the third party services tell it. In the link thread Sven confirms there is currently nothing in place to adjust the stats in the bottom right corner of CB for third party captcha solves when they are wrong.

    I have tested Captcha Tronix and Reverse Proxies OCR and both get CB to display over 90% solve rate and mislead users. If you manually check the stats you see that a large number are actually wrong.

    There is also another bug in CB right now so I have provided Sven with my API keys in the hope he is able to fix both :).
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