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PS & Scrapebox - what am I missing?

I recently bought PS, mainly for the URL metrics scanner.

Then I thought, while I got the program, I might as well have it scrape a couple of proxies for Scrapebox (for GSA SER I use buyproxies)

I tried several configurations / filters, and I understand that Scrapebox cannot deal with connect proxies. But no matter how I configure the software (socks, web only, google tag etc.), whenever I test the working proxies in SB I get 0 working ones.

A small percentage passes the anonymity test, but 0 ones work with Google..

@Sven - is there anything I'm completely overlooking here?

Best Answer

  • JohanJohan UK
    Accepted Answer

    Yes, don't test the proxies in Scrapebox. It's a known bug (with Scrapebox not GSA SER). Just export the anonymous proxies from PS as Scrapebox proxies, load them into Scrapebox and fire away!


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