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Best Answers

  • Accepted Answer
    Anyone tested this service and compare with other vendor out there?
  • Accepted Answer
    does this solve recaptcha?
  • Accepted Answer
    I want to try your services, but looks like your site is down now. When is it going to be back up and running?


  • Yes we also solve text and audio captcha types..
  • Why is your server sooooooo slow? :/
    The average solving time is 7.851 seconds.

  • Hi,

    Are you on a static or dynamic IP? Could be possible that it is with your ISP not directly the server because server load is fine and website loads fast and normal.

    Captcha Solutions
  • It's on a static IP. My server is on OVH.
    Have you tried a GSA SER test run on a different server for yourself?

    I've tried a split test between different captcha providers here.
    Normally, their solving time didn't exceed 1.5 seconds.
    The average solving time was 1.2 seconds.

    But yours, it's 4~30 seconds. Actually, 3 seconds if I'm lucky.
    The average solving time is 7.851 seconds.
    Maybe it's capped somewhere... Weird.
  • Sorry for the late reply. We've been migrating the whole site to and now it's 100% working. The API endpoints however stays at http:// protocol.
  • Hello,
    Interested in your unlimited captcha service, Are you guys still in business? My antivirus is giving a message that connection to your website is not secure. Just wondering.

    Best regards
  • Yes we are in business to subscribe just go to

    We also support Google's NOCAPTCHA (I'm not a robot) captchas for $2.8 per 1000 solves see

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