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SER PR function

@Sven, any chance you could add the same PR function you have implemented into SER please? 


  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
    edited May 2016
    @jjumpm2 - It is already planned to be added in a future update. This would be so people can use it with PRjacker if they want. Thanks
  • Perfect, cheers @s4nt0s
  • jonseojonseo UK
    edited June 2016
    @s4nt0s YAY!

    I guess PI talks to PR emulator, too? That would indeed be super-awesome and erradicate one complete step in analysing links.

    So if I check this option and have PS or PR emu running, will PI use the emulation data or talk to Google?
    (The question mark help function doesn't seem to work in the current release).
  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
    Yes that is correct, the PR filter was recently added so Pi could be used with PR emulator, proxy scraper, etc

    Thanks for letting me know about tooltip now working.
  • Great!!! Huge timesaver.

    btw: not that it matters, but I found a typo in GSA PI - in the "headline" (the top-most section of the program window) it says "GSA Identifer 1.60" instead of "Identifier".

    Thought I let you know, because these one's are sooo hard to spot as most folks read "identifier" anyways :)
  • edited June 2016
    s4nt0s Thank you for adding that great feature to you software

    jonseo you can help me with that cuz I know you have great experience & knowledge. 

    Currently i'm using GSA Proxy scraper PR emulator for GSA search engine ranker to post links , now should I use it for platform identifier or should I use it in both , which method is better ??

    Thanks in advance. 
  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
    edited June 2016
    @jonseo - thanks for pointing that out, next version will fix that.

    @SPECIALIST - it just depends on if you want to filter your links first with Pi or if you just feed lists into SER and let that do the identifying/filtering. 

    You can do it either way. Pi just allows you to do some identifying and filtering before importing the list into SER so SER doesn't have to do it. (SER runs more efficient because no extra filtering is needed by SER)

    Either way works, its just a matter of how you want to go about things. 

  • edited June 2016
    s4nt0s thanks for the clarification.

    Actually I got a serious problem , yesterday my hosting provider contacted me regarding an abuse and couple of complains from website that i'm using "URL Redirection Link Spam Bot"

    I'm using dedicated private proxy for all of my tools except platform identifier because I thought it's not necessary but I guess that problem is because of not using any proxy for PI , Am I correct ??

    If you can make a feature to automatically loads proxies from file with a interval time for the next update that would be awesome , so we can load proxies from GSA Proxy scraper cuz my cost of proxies is already very high  :(

    Thank you very much in advance :)
  • @specialist PI merely pulls every single link - pretty much like a "normal" surfer. I can't imagine that PI will get you into these kinds of trouble. URL redirections are mostly pretty spammy tier3+ links. The complaint is about you having posted something. PI never publishes anything.
  • @jonseo

    I agree entirely with what you've said but I'm just wondering if you've got a lot of duplicate URL's in your scraped list and that list isn't randomised then with the speed that PI checks at you're potentially going to be causing a spike on someones website.

    To onsite security that's likely to trip a few switches because it'll have the hallmarks of either a brute force or denial of service attack. And that's going to lead to IP bans and complaints.

    Am I just being paranoid? !!!
  • So I made a test to make sure the server abuse complains problem is because of not using proxies inside platform identifier.

    I did run only GSA platform identifier on a fresh new VPS that I got recently , randomized my list ( over 6,000,000 urls ) 200 threads on deep matching and ran it for 3 days 

    Today I got email from my hosting provider regarding Server abuse , so I confirm the complains that I got for "URL Redirection Link Spam Bot" was because of not using proxies inside platform identifier.

    s4nt0s can you make a feature to automatically loads proxies from file with a interval time for the next update that would be awesome , so we can load proxies from GSA Proxy scraper, well I'm assuming we could use GSA Proxy scraper inside PI, please correct me if I'm wrong ??

    Thank you.
  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
    @SPECIALIST - I will look into an auto proxy load feature, but can't guarantee it will be in the next update. I will try to get it added soon though.

    Yes you would be able to use proxy scraper proxies with it but they are public so they might not be very fast and less reliable.

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