Sending links direct to money page in 2016 (not churn and burn)

Hello all, 

2 months into using GSA most of that time was spent sorting out the VPS and chasing bugs and SHIT LOAD of reading. 

Understanding if I fire 20,000 links to the money site that is no good in 2016, but do I ALWAYS have to use a buffer site or can I send a low level of links to the money page over a long period of time?

Yes for sure the answer is set up a campaign and try it! I use fresh lists, 80 dedicated proxies, 20 emails and five tier structure. Spent my 2 months attempting to get the best set up, now I want to learn the best way to use it. 

The site I want to send direct links to has a well diversified backlink profile and I am currently running GSA to it via 20 web 2.0 buffer sites.

Asking for general guidance here not a definitive answer. If I set up another project and sent say 10 links per day direct to the money site am I doing good or am I risking what I have patiencly built up?


  • InsanityInsanity Thailand
    As an add on...When powering up the Web 2.0s can I go crazy with firing the links to them or do I need to restrict the amount I build in a day? Currently I am very conservative

    Tier 1 = 50 verified a day

    Tier 2 = 100 verified a day 

    Tier 3 = 300 verified a day 
  • seo_alexa002seo_alexa002 india
    Accepted Answer
    Tier 1 = 25 to 35 verified a day, not more than that, tier 2 and tier 3 built as much as you can
  • AshishAshish India
    Accepted Answer
    Insanity our thoughts are perfectly same.

    I was just started doing as you have done for 2 months. I have a plan for 10 buffer site web 2.0s to get links for money site. Right now I have just started my first buffer site. GSA run for 5 days and planning for next sites. I purchased verified links and do as given below

    Tier 1 = 10 verified links diretly to buffer site a day
    Tier 2 = 20 verified links per URLs (10*20 = 200)
    Tier 3 = 30 verified links per URLs (200*30 = 6000)

    Any suggestions from your 2 months experiance would be helpful if you like to share.

    And I am also planning for my another money site to start contextual backlinks 10 per day with 3 tier structure to power up those 10 links. Not started yet but still confuse, I am thinking that initialy I should start with 3-4 links directly for my money site. Because I don't want to take any risk based on recent update.

    I am also waiting for the answers to get more info from the other GSA users.
  • InsanityInsanity Thailand
    Hello Ashish, 

    I think we are pretty much at the same stage here mate regards understanding the operational effectiveness of GSA. My two months was pretty much getting the beast set up on a VPN and learning the interface. 

    You say you are running GSA for 5 days? Why 5 days? - This is a question I have also. How long should I run GSA and how do I know it is finished?
  • @Insanity Hi 

    Even I don't know when to stop software but keep checking its ranking. 

    I have just started my 1st buffer blog from 8th May. So I told that I have run GSA for 5 days and still running. Tiers as mentioned above but having low bandwidth at home so I couldn't complete that 10+200+6000 backlinks in a day. :P

    I was thinking for VPS. But having budget prob. but do it later.

    Which VPS u are using? Captcha? Indexing? 
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