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Theory of creating unlimited emails for GSA SER for free

DoonDoon Netherlands
Hi, this is working on another tool I use, but i was wondering if it will work on GSA SER.
and if it doesn't if @sven can add this simple feature.

Basically what another tool has recommended me to do and works like a charm is to buy a domain from some shared cheap hosting with cpanel.
In cpanel you need to off your spam filters, that nothing goes in it. and after that you will need to set up to redirect all emails to a single domain (anythinggoeshere)

after that you create just a single email list in that program with spin-syntax


and let your tools create and sign up with those spin syntaxed emails. 
But when it comes to checking and verifieng emails it still goes to your original created email within the cpanel.
there will be all emails to accept created with John / Malcolm / Brandon whatever. And they still get verified because the links will be catched by that domain email adress.

I am surprised nobody has even figured this out yet for GSA SER. I think I know +- how to set it up to make it work. The only problem is, in the end GSA SER will try to log in to the account with the spin syntax, and thats not possible.

basically if @sven can make a seperated list for "email profiles" and "email accounts" we could set up all our details of the original email account with cpanel and add in the email profile a huge chunk of spin-syntaxes before the and we have unlimited emails.

@sven.. do you think this will be a possible feature for the future ?
or you are such a talented developer... just by giving you this small idea you might even come up with something better for us ? 

it will save us a lot of money on buying email accounts.. so I'm sorry to the ones selling email accounts for sharing this idea :) this feature could possibly put you out of business on selling email accounts for GSA


  • DoonDoon Netherlands
    Man im re-reading my post and i dont think half of the people reading it will understand.
    so let me clarify it one more time. 

    If GSA SER had an option like this img underneath  :


    And let it calculate all the possibilities you have with those spin-syntaxes.
    (example 120 variations) 

    You basically have 120 different emails.
    and post on sites with the profile as emails (
    but when it comes to validating / verifieng emails. it would go to the email you have set up in cpanel and the settings under the profile in this image.

    I hope this clarifies everything.
    And yes this possible for the ones who think it's not.. im basically doing this already with another tool. 
    only GSA SER hasn't got the email profile option, so it will go and try to log in "even if its possible to add spin-syntax to the email settings" which is not possible because that email does not exist. it's catched by your own email redirection set up by cpanel.

    If @sven can make this work..
    goodbye buyaccounts
    goodbye email creation wizzards
    goodbye blazing accounts
    goodbye catchall email providers (which are basically doing the exact same thing)

    unlimited emails for just a domain purchase.. buy a couple 99cents domains and your done.

    so im begging you, make this a feature for the next update. you have made far more complex things for those catchall services, now please make a feature for us to make and monitor our own email adresses.

    thanks :)
  • SvenSven
    Isn't that all possible already using the Catch All label and use spin syntax in the email field directly?
  • DoonDoon Netherlands
    what ? I don't understand ? this is already possible ?

  • DoonDoon Netherlands
    HOLY SHIT !!! YES !!! YES !!! YES !!! @SVEN HOW COULD I HAVE DOUBT YOU, YOU GENIOUS DEVELOPER...!! ofcourse you already had it in there !!! 
  • SvenSven
  • @Sven, while we're on this "Catch ALL" topic... Can you confirm it's safe to use one "Catch ALL" account per project, and select "Delete message when verification link was found"?

    The reason I'm asking is coz, I've seen SER deleted emails from my "Catch ALL" account eventhough they have nothing to do with the registration or submission process. I sent those two emails into my "Catch ALL" account and saw SER deleted them eventhough they're not older than "5" days.

    I'm still getting links submitted and verified, just need your confirmation and this is the right way to use "Catch ALL" accounts...

  • SvenSven
    an email is only deleted when in time frame or something is in the email which looks like part of a build link (same domain, user name or password).
  • shaunshaun
    @Olve1954  Do you have the 4th tickbox down ticked by anychance on the catchall options on the email tab?

    @doon I used to spend a fair bit on emails per month, I tried two catcha all service providers and they sucked, Then I tried they are in the BST here I think. I havent looked back since making the swap. Awsome service and saves so much time and money :).
  • Hi @shaun, no I don't have the 4th box ticked - "Delete all messages"...

    @Sven, I just reconfirmed, SER did delete my two messages.

    Here's what I did to reproduce the problem,

    Send two messages to my Catch ALL account, with the

    Subject: Testing
    Body: 123...

    As SER process the project, I monitor my email account. The two emails were received and sitting in my inbox. During the 1st parsing, SER did not delete my emails. But during the 2nd parsing, SER deleted my two emails, including hundreds of others.

    It may be a bug.

    But there's nothing to worry, if we don't share our Catch ALL account between projects. One Catch ALL account, one project is fine.

    @Sven, can you reproduce the problem? If not, then there must be something wrong with my email server...
  • SvenSven
    Olve1954 sorry no I can't reproduce this. Can you maybe give me the project backup + smtp settings doing the same test you did?
  • It's ok @Sven. Since you cannot reproduce this, then the problem is on my side (maybe just an isolated case). It's not affecting my link building, as long as I keep to one captha per project. I was just surprised it deleted my emails which had nothing todo with the link building process. Thanks anyway...
  • SvenSven
    Naw I really would like to debug this further if you don't mind.
  • I like your spirit @Sven. You're very passionate about your product and you're  willing to go many many extra miles to make it even better. I'm willing to help and I've PMed you the details...

  • +1 from me for SEO Spartans.

    In theory there's nothing wrong in doing what you're doing. I actually considered doing the same some time ago. The problem I can see is with the cheap shared hosting account that your email is sitting on. I would imagine that hammering the crap out of that isn't going to please the cheap shared host too much.

    The other option is to set up your own email server on a VPS but that's a pain in the ass to do. Even though I'm technically capable I would much rather sling a few quid each month in the direction of Spartans and let them deal with the headaches. Email is tricky, really tricky.
  • DoonDoon Netherlands

    well, I do have to say if your comfortable with that do that :) But I'm a stubborn fuck. If I dont get exactly what I want I can research 10 hours in a single run behind my computer figuring out how to do it. And than when I get what I want I get instant feel good. 

    for example my first run on ubuntu14.04 with Sentora Cpanel took me 12 hours to figure out from seriously nothing to a working control panel with emails, databases, ftp's and working platform (wordpress in that case)

    now i can do this in 10 minutes.

    Same thing happened with met with Hyper-V in windows 2012r2, and configuring windows 7's on it. took me also couple days to configure it working correctly and I crashed my Dedicated server like 4 times. (because of network bridging and other crap you need to power your virtual machines with internet from your original server) and I did it, and now i can set one up in 10 minutes.

    same thing with Sharing an entire folder with system / programs between several machines (which im currently working on, started yesterday and still didnt figure it out 100% but im close.. I had to manually install some services like DNS client, and other crap on the server and than i have another epic edition to my tools im using) and I know that i will make it work, and when I do i get again.. instant feel good  :(|)

    So I like these things, I dont even do it to save money, I can spend 30bucks once every 3rd month on a 1000 yahoo's. But im that stubborn fuck who wants to learn to do it himself... even if it takes days or weeks to figure it out  \m/
  • good article

    will set up later here is some other resources

    Is there a step by step for spintax etc
  • @doon
    You can spend like 3 bucks for 1000 yahoo emails if you know where to look, or you can buy software like wizmail once and just make them yourself. 
  • DoonDoon Netherlands
    3 bucks for 1000 yahoo emails
    where bro share me private please.. I spend 30$ 

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