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GSA SEO indexer only has 5 - 7 indexes with proxies

DoonDoon Netherlands

I have some issues with GSA SEO Indexer. I never had this issue before so im wondering if it could be due to an update ?

I have loaded it up with 1000 private proxies.
When I check it to use 1000 private proxies it can only send my links to 5-7 sites.
when I uncheck the proxies it sends to hundreds of sites. 

What should I do? 

remove proxies and run it without them ? would my Servers ip get banned or listed in spamhaus or something like that ?
and what could be the cause of this issue that it doesnt work with my 1000 proxies. They are all anonymous global from all over the world. and work perfect with scrapebox / gsa ser.. but on seoindexer it's basically not doing anything. 

maybe i should test it with blazingSEO proxies.. which i sadly unsubscribed to because of these 1000 i got now. so I cant really test it right now. so my question is is anyone else having this issue ? 


  • SvenSven
    I don't think you need proxies at all with SEO Indexer. There is nothing bad in using this tool. It's just temp links helping to get sites indexed faster. It's nothing that would get you on this spamhaus crap.
  • DoonDoon Netherlands
    Oh thanks for the quick reply ! I have searched on this forum and found a very old thread of someone asking the same thing, and someone replied that you should use proxies because you go over and over again on teh same sites.. I already was like sceptik about the answer since it is not google or bing or yahoo where its going to, because as I experienced myself, google will get you listed there in no time. thanks will of the proxies now :)
  • redraysredrays Las Vegas

    This is a little off topic, but do you mind sharing how many urls you're able to process each day? I'm starting a new project and want to test out the Indexer again, and I'm curious about what's realistically possible.
  • @redrays

    I'm actually using 50 private proxies with this, looks like I might have to have a rethink!

    150 threads
    Full indexer mode
    Use only sites that can index deep links
    Check URL before submission

    And my LPM rate hovers around the 160-170 mark.
  • DoonDoon Netherlands
    @redrays What do you mean? how many urls i can process each day? 

    I have no idea how many but I can say it's a lot.. the lpm is on 1800.. and I got full indexer checked on it.
    It process one url in about 5-10 seconds.. so it's a buttload of links.

    876 do follow and about 500+- no-follows in SEO indexer on 1 url :)
  • redraysredrays Las Vegas

    I've never used proxies, and I feel like there's no decrease in performance no matter how long I go. Why do you stop at 150 threads?


    Should've been more clear. I mean if you have a list of 100k urls that you want to index, how many of those can you get through in 24 hours. If the indexer could do a url per second, that's something like 86k per day, but it feels unlikely you'd get performance like that. I'm running at 300 threads on a vps where I'm also running SER, and I've done about 4k urls in my first 24 hours of testing.
  • DoonDoon Netherlands
    aaah... you mean like how many really get indexed out of those that pass trough GSA SEO indexer.. I have no idea, I got a premium of ahrefs tho but it's not updating every 24 hours.. (even though im a maniac and check it every 3-4 hours per day)   :(|)

    but yeah your right, everyday when i check ahrefs stats I see +- daily 900 url's incoming.. while I think i post like 80 vpm.. so very very low amount. But I rather think that in the end they get indexed, I still get reports of my other sites with new links even though I stopped that campaign 2 weeks ago :)
  • DoonDoon Netherlands
    Man I lold so hard, so this is what GSASER is posting online xD 


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