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Create backlinks for non-existing domain?

Im creating backlinks "currently 300k" for a domain which is impossible to guess by someone. 
I will buy the domain after I have +- 2 million backlinks. 

what you think will happen when i Purchase this domain...
what do you think will happen if I dont purchase it and just let GSA run for 6 months and than purchase it with millions of backlinks?
anyone else coming up with these stupid ideas or am i the only one ?


  • shaunshaun
    haha you remind me so much of me!!!

    About a year ago I had an experiment with a theory on churn and burning doing a similar stuff. Basically I would build hundreds of thousands of links to a URL that did not exist and then register the url and see what happened.

    I did it on web 2.0 (its was so annoying when it came to registering a URL but the platform wouldent let me have it for some reason.) and private domains. With the web 2.0s that I could get the target URL for I never tracked one in the top 300 for its keyword but the URL did get indexed. With the private domains they used to get around the 80 mark if I remember rightly and kind of freeze.

    Unfortinatley when the Google indexing update hit and the indexing services I used to index the links stopped working I stopped toying with the method.

    Be sure to let us know how it goes :).
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