Web of Trust as a site filtering option? Replacement for PR Jacker or Yandex TIC?

Hey @Sven

I saw this site https://www.mywot.com/

Do they have an api you can integrate directly into SER? That way we could filter out posts for any sites less than say a 50/100 score on Web of Trust. 

What do you think?


  • JohanJohan UK
    Accepted Answer
    Don't get me started on Web of Trust.

    Unmoderated site, staffed by an army of volunteers, 99% of whom haven't a clue about the legitimacy of a site or not.

    I had a site get slammed by them for no other reason than my whois details were set to private. I've seen other legitimate sites get downvoted on there because they use Cloudflare. Yeah, spammers use Cloudflare so all sites that use Cloudflare are spammers. That's the kind of logic you have to deal with.

    I'll refrain from calling them worse than shit but frankly if you're relying on them for any kind of metric then god knows what sites you'll end up posting on.
  • @Johan

    Really? I didn't look to heavily into what they do, just wondered whether it was reliable enough to use as a filter mechanism. 
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