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Impressed With GSA

TryAMillionTryAMillion United Kingdom
I purchased GSA Search Engine Ranker about a week ago now and have played with it for a while. I have to say I am impressed with GSA Ser.

I have been in IM since 2006 and have used a number of tools as we do at Try A Million. I had seen GSA Ser before but did not use it, but recently decided to buy a license and have to say it is an important software to have.

I have used Xrumer before for a short period and always loved watching that interface as it mass builds links - it is amazing. Now GSA Search Engine Ranker is another tool that mesmerizes me and love watching it do its work.

I want to say a big thank you to Sven and the GSA team for producing GSA. I love the feature to add text enhancements such as bolding, italics, and changing font styles as well as typo errors, changes in how keywords are presented and URL's.

Simply amazing and the range of platforms!

Keep Up! The Great Work GSA. This software could only be created by someone or a group with a thorough in-depth knowledge of SEO and ranking factors.

It is not the end all and be all of SEO and Internet Marketing software. In SEO and IM, there is a need for many, but this certainly has its place and hope that you will learn from the mistakes from software such as AMR and lack of updates, and other software that dwindles and keep it at the forefront of good black hat, grey and white hat marketing success.

Good job!


  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
    @Sven is on a little vacation:

    I'm sure he'll appreciate the positive feedback though. :)
  • SvenSven
    Indeed my WLAN is not that stable as I hoped it would be here. Finally I was able to get online again. Always nice to read something like this (beside the 140 other emails/forum threads to answer).

    Thanks :)
  • Unstable wlan is a blessing in disguise  ;)   I m sure users can wait for a couple of days for their should enjoy your vacation and not worry about the will always be there.
  • SvenSven
    Thanks @vin but Im already home now and can continue with the usual support. Already answered like 80 emails and now doing the forum.
  • TryAMillionTryAMillion United Kingdom
    Hope you had a great vacation Sven. Yes support questions and the repetitive nature of them can be a downside and good to have one that says job well done instead.

    I been in IM for some time and know and used a lot of tools of the trade and it is always a gem to find ones that you know will be a part of the arsenal use regularly.

    I have to add something @Sven whenever I start a new project, I feel like I have entered into a Stealth Fighter jet and have to configure it all lol :)  After 2 weeks or so, I feel more comfortable with the interface.

    Btw... I am sure will have lots of questions so I can get the most out of the software.

    WLAN, I moved in January and took 3 months to get broadband so know the feeling with wifi internet. As a tip, if got unlimited browsing but data limits, use a VPN.
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