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I have testes tons of strategies. Ones I see result (let say 30%) but honestly speaking rather I do not see.

My websites are based on wordpress, SEO optymized. I have premium GSA SER list from and trevor bandura list and min 10 private proxies but I am still waiting for good strategy for money site.

I have noticed that the best strategy is to make links from article, web 2.0 and social network for tier 1, do you have any other advice ?

Thank you in advance.


  • My advice is don't wait for a good strategy. You have all the essentials so it's not that hard to create a couple of test projects and see what works. Once something works, try to figure out why it did and replicate it. Even if someone gave you an exact step-by-step strategy, it might not work for your niche, keywords and website.
  • But the fact is that your or mine strategy may work today but tomorrow who know. I don't know why but from some months I do not see to much power from GSA SER like it was one, two or even 3 years ago. 

    Therefore I am looking for some advice from you, forum members how can I improve my GSA SER tier ! strategy. From my opionion that is the best SEO tool I've ever seen in my life
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    Testing is important. If you want a winning strategy you have to test.

    CMS's have changed. In the past you could blast to thousands of article directories and got traffic which is what I am guessing you are talking about with results. I would like that to. Do a blast and get results, but today there is so much extra data each day, so CMS's that are available on mass put your page in a black hole, and you have to make it work.

    That requires getting your links noticed.

    Now, my suggestion is a simple one. Look at the keywords you are targeting. Are you targeting big keywords or medium or small keywords?

    Now, design several campaigns for a brand new keyword gobbledegobbledegoop or something that hasn't got any people targeting and do several tests. Yes it is going to take couple of weeks to test this. Look at each of your campaigns and results. Remember don't just use GSA. You need to try different software and strategies and then see what is happening. This will tell you what Google is doing and what is working for you.

    Sometimes the time to learn and the time to test are the same, so if you can test and see results, you will be one step closer to finding your answer!

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