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Which 3rd Party Captcha Service Are You Using Successfully?

Looks like Death By Captcha is no longer working. Please post which 3rd party service you are using successfully with Captcha Breaker. I'm sure a lot of members have this question. Thanks!


  • DoonDoon Netherlands
    2Captcha is the best for me :)
  • I've been quite satisfied with CB -> Captchatronix (yes, low rate, but cheap) -> DBC

    Wanted to try 2captcha, but I don't even manage to register. The registration form always says "wrong e-mail"... anybody facing the same issues?
  • @Jonseo

    I am also using Captchatronix as a secondary captcha solver and that is good enough to find out verified ones from my scraped lists. After verifying i use DBC for upper tiers for max output. CT for T3 and further.
  • CB and DBC work great for me
  • When i enter my death by captcha credentials in CB it says "unable to get balance". I checked "send captcha to following service"

    How to fix that ?

  • @danco1401986

    The error is at DBC end. You're better to shoot them an email and ask them to fix it. It's a common problem, it's been asked several times on here already. But it's definately a DBC problem, not a GSA one.
  • You was right, thanks.
    Johan  and danco1401986  
    I also encountered this problem regularly, it is very inconvenient. there is no alternate service for use with CB DBC most effective?
    Thank you !
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