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Scrapebox (legit vs nulled/cracked)

First of all im not trying to praise a cracked version, im just telling you the results here of a nulled / cracked I used before i went to purchase a legit version of Scrapebox.

So I used before a nulled version of Scrapebox, till I heard from someone he scraped millions more than I could ever have done with my nulled version.
I went to the site and payed the price for it..

so here's my experience so far:

Nulled / Cracked version (very old scrapebox version)

scraped about 2 million in 4-5 hours.

Original version Scrapes around 50 million in 4-5 hours..

Now here's comes the thing I have been bumping my head so hard with..

The Cracked / old version when removing duplicate url's left me with a decent list I could use in GSA SER.
Usually about 100k - 200k are removed so im left with a 1.8 million list.

with the original one (and I have done this about 20 times now) 

I scrape 50 million.. Remove duplicates, end up with 180k links..
Done it again... shorter time.. 7 million links.. remove duplicates.. 78k links..
and again.. usually leaving me with 70- max 200k links if your lucky.. but the numbers are ridicilous.. usually a list of 70 million can leave me with 200k links for SER.. 

anyone else have had this experience ?


  • how are you scraping 50 million URLs in 4-5 hours is a better question

    anyways this is probably just the difference between scrapebox v 1.6 (or whatever the nulled version was) vs scrapebox 2.0. i have not extensively compared the two, though this makes me want to try
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    If you used many similar keywords / footprints, you're going to get loads of duplicates. Also depends if you removed duplicate domains or urls. But those numbers don't seem that off.
  • DoonDoon Netherlands
    No basically I was doing the same..

    I load up a bunch of Proxies (semi dedicated) use bing as my engine.. and scrape the same footprints I have done with the nulled one.

    the new scrapebox is just a beast in scraping.. the old one is very slow.. but yeah the results are better in the end... 

    and.. now that i think of it? if it is a beast (the new one) it's actually not... because it's just adding the same url's to the list...

    what im saying is.. the scarpebox 1.6 version is slower, but not adding the same links.
    The new one is faster but adding the same url's 10-20 times to your list. 
  • That doesn't make sense. My guess is your nulled version probably wasn't deduping the list properly and it seemed like you had more links with it. 
  • DoonDoon Netherlands
    nah it was doing fine.. cuz i load them up again in GSA PI and filter out again duplicates and than create project out of the results. 

    But there are pro's and con's tho.. For example the nulled Scrapebox was not working as fast as the original one, and another huge issue for me was when you load up to many keywords and merge the footprints it could crash. also if it did merged but it was at it's max capacity, once you clicked the "start harvest" button it crashed too :D but when it did scrape, it scraped clean good url's with hardly any duplicates.

    Ill let mine scrape all night tonight, and scrape a HUUUUUGE list.. like seriously HUUUUUGE... (4% and it's on 12 million links, so tomorrow I can post here what happened with my HUUUUGE list after I clicked on remove duplicate url's) :) hope it wont be a HUUUUUGE waste of time :D
  • DoonDoon Netherlands
    how are you scraping 50 million URLs in 4-5 hours is a better question

    with the nulled version.. impossible.. it would find +- 1-2 million with it...
    with the original version.. it's possible

    Max threads (500)
    1100 proxies (100 semi / 1k private)
    select only bing and go for it :)

    should get you around 6k/s with scrapebox
    so calculations are not far off as i said.. 

    6k links / s x 60 = 1 min x 60 = 1 hour = 21,600,000 links per hour x3 hours is 62+- 

    anyway's off to bed now, going to check the results tomorrow, hope my 1TB drive on the Dedicated server is enough cuz those text files are ridicilously enourmous just for links in txt file.
  • thegsaguythegsaguy I sell GSA Lists
    Better don't mess with cracked tools, especially Scrapebox...

    For the amount that you are gonna invest, think about the support that you get for Life. 

    The knowledge you gain from that itself is something to consider worth investing on!!
  • Felix86Felix86 Los Angeles
    I am sick of scraping and duplicates :( experincing this at daily basis. No matter how unique my footprints / kwrds that's how it works  :( 

    I wish hawk updates Gscraper
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    I've played with a nulled copy of scrapebox before (And had abysmal results). Like most, I probably did it because I thought it was insane to wait 24~48 hours for my actual, paid license to authenticate.

    Like others said; duplicates account for a lot. But my experience was more that the Engines on the cracked copy were so out of date I could only scrape Yahoo.
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