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Public Proxies or Own system IP address for Verification Task & Email Checking

AshishAshish India
edited April 2016 in GSA Search Engine Ranker

I want to use a Qualified Link List for Submission purpose with the use of Private Proxies.

1) What happened if I use Public Proxies for my Verification & Email Checking Task? OR

2) What happened if I use my own system IP address (Not using Public or Private Proxies) for my Verification & Email Checking Task?

3) Can I do any of the task (Verification or Email Checking Task) with any Public Proxies or own system IP address (Not using Public or Private Proxies) 

The reason why I am thinking like this is I have come to know that if I use 10 private proxies only for submission, then I can use 100 Threads. This is really good thing for me because I cannot afford many proxies as I am a newbie. So I just try to figure out if there is any solution or not.

So Kindly Help me to understand actually what happened if I do any of the above things.



  • DoonDoon Netherlands
    what I have learned, (and im not a GSA expert) is that logically, you should have these off on both.

    think about it, verifications? why would you need a proxy, your just visiting a site, theres no risk of a google penalty for your ip just by visiting sites.. 

    second thing is.. proxies on emails? that's 100% no go for sure!!! you get your email list blacklisted in no time.. try to log in to your gmail / yahoo / hotmail or whatever trough the vps, you instantly get messages that someone from another location tried ot log in and you probably need to verify this or do some stuff in settings that this is oke... and really you..

    so both Off is what I have..
    meaning no proxies for verification and no proxies for emails
  • @Doon Thanks dear I get better understanding from your answer.
  • Just use proxies for submission. 
  • @BigGulpsHuhWelp thanks

    And for email check and link verification my own system IP would be good (no public proxy) isn't it???
  • Yeah, I have no issues with that. You can do some A/B testing with verifications on and off but overall I don't think it matters too much.
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