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Death By Captcha No Longer Working With Captcha Breaker


Is there a problem with DBC? I can no longer get my balance from within CB.



  • Seems to be an issue when trying to check balance from within RankerX as well.
  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
    edited April 2016
    @jasonpel - if its happening in two different tools its probably a temporary problem on DBC end. 
  • SvenSven
    And thats a normal situation lately. Im very close to remove that service really.
    All I get is problems adding it. People complain about it not working and in first ask DBC for support.

    All they get to hear from them in almost every case is: It's a problem on GSA.

    It clearly is not as not even ping to the server works. Even if you can login to their website doesn't mean there service (on a different server/ip) is working.

    So the same customer complains on GSA's software not working again. Im fed up with this situation.

    Once and for all Death-by-Captcha has a real problem lately with their service. It is not a problem in GSA software but on the DBC server itself!

    We even have refund requests by customers who think it's your fault now! Grrr so annoying!
  • jasonpeljasonpel USA
    edited April 2016
    Yep, once I tested it in another tool and seen that it was not working, it was pretty easy to see that it was an issue with DBC.

    On a positive note, looks like the "check balance" is working again.

    Thanks Sven for keeping up on these AWESOME tools!
  • I haven't used DBC for months now- I just use CB and don't worry about lost links. If you optimize SER enough you shouldn't need DBC. 
  • Hey Guys,

    Our sincere apologies for the inconveniences you've faced with the service.

    We contacted Sven in order to sort this out. Please , also contact us via PM*:

    - how exactly GSA asks for balance (example requests)
    - what sort of response from DBC would trigger "unbable to check balance" on GSA
    - any useful logs you may have 

    So we can better assist you.
  • what about when rankerx returns the same error unable to check balance?
  • jasonpeljasonpel USA
    edited April 2016
    deathbycaptcha - Wow, the "test captcha system" for DBC is still returning the error "Error: unable to get balance". AND now the "Check Balance" for DBC in RankerX is returning the error " What the heck is going on guys??? Can you please fix this issue once and for all?
  • jasonpeljasonpel USA
    edited April 2016
    Secondly, the solve rate is awful. Right now, looks like DBC solved 38/784 captchas. This is really TERRIBLE! I might as well be throwing my money out the window.
  • Just cancel it lol. 
  • any good recaptcha services?
  • elfanorelfanor Belgium
    Yes I was wondering what you guys use after CB ? I'm looking for the best service that solve recaptcha out there....
  • Hey Guys, 

    Thanks for contacting us. 

    If you're still facing any inconvenience while using our service, please let us know through PM to provide you some additional troubleshooting steps. 

    For any other question or concern, please let me know. 

    Best Regards, 
  • I didn't realize I was out of funds and I could not check my balance from within Captcha Breaker. So, lesson learned, if you have any of these issues, manually check your balance on the DBC website. :)
  • i dont know but better I didnt use death by captcha
  • SvenSven
    ping to "" shows that their service is down.
  • seems like they are down.
  • I'm building a commercial software and I have to rely on solving captchas, it's a must these days but, if we can't rely on a steady service like DBC by example then this will put my business into a risky situation and we would eventually lose customers. Hope they will fix the situation for good in a near future.
  • I just bought DBC and have the same problem. "Error: unable to get balance". Hopefully this get's fixed and I didn't waste my money. Just found all these forum threads with this issue over and over, suprised DBC hasn't fixed this yet as GSA is probably the most used tool for their service.
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