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How Can I just do Regular Blog Comments without any Anchor Links ?

I'm trying to use the Blog comment section of GSA Ranker for just purely Comments and 0 links. Is this even possible? I keep seeing that they need Links/Anchor HTML added. Please help!


  • SvenSven
    "they need Links/Anchor HTML added" << what do you mean by that?
  • @Sven Thanks for replying. Sorry for the confusion.What I'm trying to do is find a list of a certain "Platform". (Please feel free to name any that you know of) where it does not require any "LINKS" to be inputted into the form like Blogengine etc.

    I'm basically just trying to just leave comments on any article or blog that doesn't require links. However in the new project section it keeps asking me to (Please fill "URL") .

    If I fill in that URL it will keep getting inserted into platforms that have a URL section.

  • SvenSven
    hmm so you just want to comment without filling the homepage/url field. Do you want to put that link in the comment or not even that?
  • I don't even want that. I just want to do a regular blog comment. no links whatsoever
  • @sven I mean I think I can still fil in the URL but I want to post on platforms that I can leave a legitimate comment. I'm sure you are wondering why I would want to do that at all and I'd love to explain in private if you care. But this is what I'm trying to accomplish with some platforms. I'm not familiar with all of them so if there is any that you know of that would be great.

  • SvenSven
    well for that thing you can maybe edit the engines itself and remove lines like "variable must be used=url"
  • I actually have the same need. My reasoning is for manual link building to the most valuable site. Many blogs (wordpress for example) require moderation for your first post. This allows me to manually make my a first post without links. Then afterwords posts are usually approved automatically, and links can be inserted later. This would work perfectly alongside the "Custom" feature. This is important if there are some critical sites in the niche that you want your comments approved on, because it could bring traffic not just from backlinks, but also from heavy readership that could click the link.

    Any thoughts of allowing commenting without a link in a future update? Anyone else besides me and magermhz that is interested in something like this?
  • You might also want to post on your own site of a conversation or enticing comments for real people to comment, plus it looks like user engagement for the site, so it's probably liked by Google.
  • Yes, also some forums will allow signatures but after a minimum number of posts. If you can automate this process in a 'safe' way then it can be useful.

    Sven is right though. You can manually edit the engines and the documentation on this is very good. With a little time investment you can do some crazy stuff with those engines (and any others you want to add) that other users just aren't doing, it's well worth looking into.
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