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Kontent Machein and WordAi spinning crap

here is some example of what you get when you the 2 bits of software above with all the correct settings
search term Farming
Warcraft Gold Manual Critiques - Some Dos And Don'ts For Getting Gold
In terms of the working adults are not unconcerned, it appears tome that when an immigrant has been below for a while and it has worked properly, there
shouldbe some supply designed to be presented some status besides " illegal immigrant." Given, they came here illegally, but without any objective to
bringany injury on our country.
Sometimes I think in their scenario when compared with outings my husband and I took. There have been a few times when we expected we'dn't and
owneda lengthy distance from your home. But if we didn't like the situation within the position we visited, we're able to simply change and get home.
Theseimmigrants don't find it so easy. Many of them appreciate nothing and their homeland could fit them a lot better than to come back there. But they
cannot earn a living there as well as their kids are hungry. Planning home is not a choice.

NICE! would love this pointing to my money site!!

ps no use emailing them they don't get back to you


  • SvenSven
    why you keep spamming the forum with this crap? It's not a Kontent Machine forum....Im usually ok if you discuss other topics but you seem to write w hole lot of unrelated things and in all of different threads with hard to understand/read sentences.
  • Yes thats about right Sven, its the nature of the business you get an unhappy customer and you talk to them like this!
    your software is out of date, and costing people money! you keep creating software with no instructions or help, look at proxy scraper the help pages are a batch of pictures! most videos and help files go back to 2013 14 

    your software recommends Kontent Machine as its one of the options! 
    since using your software i have lost more links than it has gained, but what do you care you just keep churning it out to line your own pockets, you seem to have no morels mate
  • SvenSven
    OK so now it's GSA's fault that Kontent Machine didn't work for you?
    Just because I add support for a 3rd party program in our software forces me to give support for that? OK, if thats the case you can have all of that removed. If you freel better by that, I make you a slick version with everything removed...fine!

    All I was asking you is stay on topic and not go wild and post your stuff on every thread on this forum. And on top of that post your questions/queries a bit more structured.

    I have a hard time reading your replies and following what you try to say.

    Also Proxy Scraper as a program is not from 2013 or 2014. It was first introduced 2015 (last year). So that statement above is wrong. What however is correct is that the manuals are not updated that reguilary as they should. If you feel like doing this, you can create an account on that page and update it. I for myself have a hard time answering questions and replying to "unhappy customers" on this forum beside coding and improving the "outdated software".

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