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Where to buy account data

Hello, I'm interesting in buying account data, if you have some, or know the place where I can buy, pls write bellow or in PM


  • SvenSven
    account data of what?
  • @Destroyerror

    Do you mean like email accounts? You can look at buyaccs - its like 3 USD for 1000 Mail.Ru emails.
  • I mean account data of website (registered accounts) which we import here -
  • GSA SER will make that account data for you, you import URLs, use proxies and emails, and then set up your engines and SER will register accounts for you. You shouldn't need to import them.
  • but if you have ready acc data, you dont need emails, capcha and good proixe, you just import acc data from other project and get 1000 successful urls in 15 minutes
  • You still need proxies and captcha and emails... 
  • TobyToby Vietnam
    If i buy 1000 Mail.Ru emails on buyacc,com, so how long time can i use it?
    Can i keep until i use all of them? Or if i dont use, email will block ? Because with every project i use about 200 email. I want buy 1000 and save for later, can i? 
  • You use whatever you need and then keep the ones you didnt use. I get new emails, whenevr I notice my lpm slowing down
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