jdeleonjdeleon Honduras
Ayer me apareció un mensaje de una actualizacion.
Actualicé el GSA. El detalle es que ahora me tira un error a comprbar las cuentas de correo.
Para asegirarme de que las cuentas estén bien, agregué unas cuentas que ya había comprobado con el mismo GSA antes de al ultima actualización


  • jdeleonjdeleon Honduras
    Alguien sabe como salucionar! Esto!
  • jdeleonjdeleon Honduras
    Yesterday I appeared a message of an update.
    I update the GSA. The catch is that I now pulls an error comprbar mail accounts.
    To asegirarme that the accounts are well, I added some beads that had already checked with the same GSA before the last update.

  • SvenSven
    sorry I can't understand what your problem/question is!?
  • jdeleonjdeleon Honduras
    All email accounts have errors, but they are really good!
    This error appears to me after the last data update
  • SvenSven
    I have replied by email already to this. Your settings are not correct. The login is just the part before the @ and not the complete email for yahoo accounts.
  • jdeleonjdeleon Honduras
    Than you!
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