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the scarping the proxys gsa all dead finished waste of time and money

I am having a hard time with kontent machine it is pulling a load of crap for me
I do a search for say animal for sale and gets content about flooring and keywords to do with alsorts of shit!
I have been using once a day as it is incredibly slow, it throws up errors all the time saying I don't have a licence or enough words left?

I will not be renewing with them, oh and the pdfs are a joke words linkedlikethis and as I say the content is rubbish, and that is spinning with Ai who I will also be given up with.

Gsa is dead the whole thing is crap , I build links one day and then it takes them down 2 days later my stats on Aherfs after 4 months of using and scrapeing with gscraper are showing I have less backlinks now then when I started. I also find it builds links to spam sites in the background and links to rather ambiguouswebsites that are not in my gsr
I have to delete the identified list every time the software does an update as I puts these dodgy sites in.
In my opinion I have wasted 4 months all of the proxie services the linking services this gsa crap are all linked.  And why do you think they call it black Hat because they can scam you, and who are you going to tell?  no more for me
Gsa proxy scraper Its amaxing you buy software with no instructions where are the videos? look around at it all most of it dates to 2013 - 2015 because that is when it all clapsed 


  • Haven't used Kontent Machine, but surely it can't be that bad. 
    Regarding the link loss, do you really think you can spam all the websites you can get your hands on and the links will never get deleted? Common. Analyze your verified links and see which platforms stick longer and which get deleted. Build links on the platforms that stick longer.
    What do you mean ambiguous sites? Sites don't just appear in your lists magically when you update the program, that's just crazy.
    Try proxy-hub for private proxies, they've been very good for me for a couple of years now.
    Look, it's not going to just all magically work for you. You need to figure shit out. Asking for help is fine, but blaming every piece of software for your incompetence is just stupid. I mean, you couldn't even be bothered to find the tutorial for Proxy Scraper. Maybe this isn't for you, mate.
  • so where is the tutorial for proxy scraper? the one from 2015?
    I scraped neach links thousands of them, I used top quality emails content is shit like I say from kontent machine gscraper gets my ip address banned proxy scraper leaks ip also every day for 4 months I am not a novice now you can't even tell what links are good or not, come on its finished my sites are now lower than when I started  
  • hey just done a kontent machien with the keyword Farming and this is a little extract of the crap it kicks out from the fist pdf file it churned out
    There Is A Little Chicken House Less Unpopular Than You Think
    The same is true for bass. Many seafood resourced in fish facilities, residing off pellets rather than plankton, elevated and are delivered. the pellets don't,
    althoughplankton employed to supply omega 3s to them. Consequently today our best way to obtain omega3 is suffering.
    If you discover oneself in debt and have calling is kept by the device, locate a counseling assistance when there is an alternative solution that could are
    moreeffective than filing for bankruptcy foryou to determine. They see if there could be ways to repay the debt without getting you and will guide you
    throughyour funds
  • It is better to go here and ask for help or support about KM.....
  • thanks Chrisad but I don't want to buy it again its the bigest load of rubbish and I have emailed them and they don't answer so Ill spend a bit of time getting the message out
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