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How To Make High Quality Backlinks using GSA SER when Google PAGE RANK is no more

Hi i am a newbie who has just started doing link building for youtube videos and a few blogs.I want to make high quality backlinks using gsa ser and since Googel Page Rank Tool Bar is no more working now..I am struggling to make good backlinks...what other filters can be used for quality backlinks?
I was thinking and suggesting if SVEN can make a filter of Alexa rank..any suggestion?

Best Answers

  • SvenSven
    Accepted Answer
    In latest version you can still use the PR filter as it is internally filled with yandexTIC ranking metric.
  • airsinduairsindu Indonesia
    Accepted Answer
    Please update GSA-SER filter URL using MOZ API or Ahrefs API, for kwality backlink


  • After Google page rank removal notice...gsa ser is unable to make backlinks if you apply PR Filter now.I applied PR 1 and got nothing in 3 hours.When i applied PR 0 i started getting what about quality? how to make quality backlinks? 
  • afkratienafkratien viet nam
    yandexTIC is very bad :D
    i move to use rankerx for tier 1 .
    gsa for tier 2 .
    before , i used gsa for tier 1 .But not now
  • use majestic TF/CF pr emulator in gsa proxy scraper
  • If i use PR FILTER 1 then unable to make enough links hardly 5-10 links in an Hour.Any solution?
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