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how to rank my parasites and youtube video on first page using GSA?


I am new to GSA. I am wondering if I have a parasite sites on facebook, twitter, instagram, how can I rank them on first page of Google for a low or med competition keyword?

is it easy to do it or hard?

I also have a youtube video which isn't ranked anywhere yet. how can I use GSA to rank my youtube video on first page of Youtube based on a keyword?

can anyone help me with this?



  • Ranking parasites using GSA for med-high keyword is only possible when you are using churn and burn method.

    Don't know if YouTube videos rank even with backlinks. As you know most videos with millions of natural views don't have more than 10 backlinks
  • i would use churn and burn method.

    so what is that method?

    how to do churn and burn method?

  • i am looking for the easiest, cheapest and least time consuming method to do Churn and Burn.

    please tell me if there is any.
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    Churn and burn is a numbers game.. in other words the more you make the high the chances that some of what you do gets through.. even creating a legit non spam site there still no guarentee that what you do will ever see the light of day but if you make tons of spam sites/ blogspot blogs/ facebook pages/ youtube videos you stand a much better chance of your stuff being seen.

    I find that posting to websites even if the site the links are from are nofollow if you posting links to big sites that have plenty of authority anyway such as youtube then just telling google about what your site/page is about through contextual no follows works a treat PLUS WHAT IS MORE IS THAT BECAUSE NOFOLLOW LINKS DONT LEAD TO PENALTIES ITS ALL GOOD!

  • i don't want to create a legit website. I just want to use free platforms like Blogpsot to build simple sites and also use other platforms like Facebook, twitter, Youtube, etc,, as parasites.

    I want to rank those parasites on first page of Google for the main keyword.

    so how I do that?

    can I just use GSA to blast as much backlinks as possible to those parasites in order to rank them on first page of Google for the keyword? and the keyword that I would use is low to med competition.

    please tell me if that's all I need to rank parasites on first page of Google for low to med competition keywords.


  • The point of parasites isnt to rank themselves though- most ppl aren't using them that way.
  • then how does it work?

    cant I just rank them on first page of Google, to get traffic and that way I can get traffic to my main website?

    in those parasites, I include my main website link in them.

  • I think you should create 5 to 10 different parasites and try to blast them with links for a few days. Keep the content unique. Youll need to experiment yourself as results are different for different sites, niches and keywords as there are hundreds of factors. Iv read on many forums that c&b does not work as effectively nowadays as it used to 5 to 6 years back as a lot has changed since then. You will need to try different strategies and find out for yourself which works. Usually people use the parasites for building tiers about which you can read in other threads. It requires effort and works best for the long run.
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    If you can automate making the parasite pages on the big authority websites I have had good luck just flooding the internet.. as in over 1 million pages and counting even if you don't rank for your chosen keyword your bound to capture traffic from tons and tons of long tail keywords. its alla numbers game really also creating internal links from other pages on your chosen parasite site and linking them to your page helps big time
  • There is plenty of link age delay with Google nowadays. I wouldn't expect to see signifiant movement for a couple months. 
  • content32: how can I automate making parasite pages? is there any software for this?         
  • @john129

    You can use things like RankerX (you can learn about it here: to help automate management of parasites. 

    Or you can use something like FCS Networker.
  • RankerX is expensive. any other alternativtes?
  • You're in the wrong industry man if RankerX is too expensive for you.
  • im sure there are other cheaper alternatives.....
  • BigGulpsHuhWelp...any advice on the built in diagrams to start on a new site in particular? Never used Senuke so the names don't really mean anything to me.
  • FCS has been good to me but I am now testing RankerX also.

    YT videos are simple to rank for local terms like:

    "window cleaner nyc"

    Don't choose niches where everyone is going to be hammering the backlinks and comp is too high. I'd go as far to say unless you have money to buy links don't bother with anything hard or medium for YT videos.

    Well unless you have around 1yr to and loads of patience haha

    GSA wont rank it alone without some juicy High DA/PA sites (I usually pay for those links when I have to deal with hard keywords)

    Choose very easy local city KWs and you will see how simple it is.

    Oh and learn to properly do on-page for YT vids so many people don't get it right same with websites in general.

  • what is high DA/PA sites?

    you mean high PR sites?

    can i buy them on fiverr?

  • man first you call rankerx expensive @ 37.50$ a month, and now this last comment asking about fiverr now

    i think SEO is not for you. there are a lot of start-up and some ongoing costs to do this in any meaningful way. 
  • what are you saying man?

    i am just looking for a method to make money.

    i just need a method to rank my website fast.

    Then what is GSA ranker used for?

    is it supposed to rank websites without much effort fast?

    then whats the point of using GSA?

    i am very frustrated. 
  • GSA ser alone wont rank your website at all, pretty much never. Maybe some niche in some countries you might be able to rank low comp keywords. You need a good strong diverse back link structure.
  • then what tools do I need in order to rank a website?

    lets say the keywords I use are low and med competition. I don't want to do any manual or whitehat seo. I just want to go as blackhat as possible.

    then what tools do I need to do this?

  • You're going to have to do some stuff manually/whitehat, thats just how it goes. 
  • can someone help me to rank my site based on the keyword "Wso downloads" on first page of Google?

    I am willing to pay for this.

    what I want to do is to rank a keyword "wso downloads" on first page of Google.

    when you do a search on Google for Wso Downloads, you can see this website to be on the top of the first page. and it doesn't have much content. and I don't think its content is unique either.

    Please let me know if you can do this and we can discuss further.

  • if 37,50$/mo was expensisve for you i doubt you could afford a top 10 guaranteed service.
  • TryAMillionTryAMillion United Kingdom
    SEO is expensive in learning and application. The very first month I got into SEO and IM in 2006, I earned £0.08 odd but true. The following month was better, and each month better than the last. I started with $2 to my name, a domain and a $0.01 hostgator offer!

    To have a good set of tools that you need, you need to spend several thousand dollars. You have to test, some tools are no good. Some are good and many need other software to be effective and services to be effective.

    If you really want to make it, then you have to go through that!

    This is why companies pay people. One of our clients at TAM said that's why he pays us, because I went through the sweat and tears.

    If you don't have the cash, you need to pay others. Even if it comes at a premium it will cost you a fraction of your time and money as compared to getting the tools and then learning. I haven't done checks on the keyword you selected but I am sure there is fierce competition for WSO downloads. To compound the problem even more, you are trying to target something that has experienced IM's with years of experience which isn't the best way to go.

    If you got the budget though, we might be able to help you. Send me a PM.

    If this post has helped you, donate bitcoin:
  • so your feedback is 'learning seo is expensive'. well thanks for that, let me go give you some money now for that wisdom

    and if you read the thread at all you would see this guy thinks $37.50 is too much to put into SEO. i'm PRETTY sure he's not going to spend whatever it is your 'agency' charges
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