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Please update me - PR jacker dead? what did sven do with proxy scraper ? is it working ?

The title says it all, I check proxy scraper but dont see any update on the site that they can validate PA / DA of sites with it. 
Is this working ? and is it similar like PR Jacker ? are there any other tools like PR Jacker, that it can only send a link on PA / DA above 40 for example ? 

I would love this tool... 

This time I go slow as fuck with GSA, and something that can validate the PA and DA only, otherwise i stay the hell away from GSA SER... so is there any tool like PR jacker ?


  • SvenSven
    I have updated the Proxy Scaper homepage

    PRJacker really seems dead and thats the reason I have added a similar emulation of Google-PR to the software. Some people say it still works, some say it doesn't so make up your own mind. At least they don't seem to sell i tor give support for it.
  • SvenSven
    I have also updated the page here:
  • DoonDoon Netherlands
    Thanks.. i will get this for sure !! :)
  • DoonDoon Netherlands
    one more thing, can this thing be set up, that GSA will not post a backlink to it if "lets say" it has at least 40 PA for example ? or is this just a tool to see in the end what the PA / DA is of the backlinked url's ?
  • SvenSven
    If you use a project filter for PR X then SER will not post to that site if ProxyScraper is delivering something below.
  • Hi @Sven.

    do you have some more details of the URL metrics. what are the limitations? Can we setup the software as a service (like captcha breaker) to have non windows platforms communicate with it via api?

    And for the proxy scraping. can we automate/schedule/loop that? I would like to create files with proxies, 1 file per target platform, and update them automatically every X minutes... Thanks.
  • BlazingSEOBlazingSEO
    Can anyone here explain exactly what PRJacker did (EXACTLY)? I have a loophole with Moz checks that allows me to check unlimited PA/DA urls a day basically -- I can easily put this onto an API or standalone software that would allow you guys to get cheap PA/DA checks for a low monthly cost.

    But it seems that a PA/DA API isn't all that is needed here... it seems like PRJacker converted PA/DA into a PR number possibly (or allowed the user to set the thresholds for this), and THAT is what people liked PRJacker for? Or was it simply because it checked PA/DA?
  • PR Jacker checked PA, DA, TF, and CF against the domains SER could post to and then returned the value using an equation and turned it into the PR value so we could filter out the shitty links. 
  • BlazingSEOBlazingSEO
    Did they create a special equation, or did users input the equation, such as:

    If PA > 5,   < 10
    DA > 2   <4

    then PR would = 4

    or they hid this "equation"? If someone just gave me a generally accepted equation like that to translate PA/DA to PR, I could easily offer this.
  • @BanditIM

    You just need to divide whatever metric by 10 to associate it to the corresponding 'virtual' PR value.


    DA1-9 = PR0
    DA10-19 = PR1
    DA 20-29 = PR2

    The same with TF, CF, and PA.

    You also need the ability to customise scripts, so that you can filter by multiple metrics / values at the same time.

    Also, the option for people to use their own accounts for those services via paid API, if that's what they want to do. .
  • BlazingSEOBlazingSEO

    so if you get a PR value for all 4 metrics, then would you average all those PR values together and round up/down to get a final single PR value?

    As for customizing -- is that what I mentioned in my previous reply where people could instead say that DA 1-15 = PR0 for example?
  • umm afaik pr jacker was simple as shit. i think you're overcomplicating it.

    though personally i would like the ability if a TF or DA is 5 for example, to round that up to a PR1 instead of just having 0-9 automatically be PR0. i'm not sure prjacker had that.

    svens tool is working well enough for me but i guess it would be nice to be able to filter by DA too
  • So because Google blocked the ranking I have to buy your Proxy Scrapper to really get me stuff ranked?
    That's really not fair Sven.. I bought GSA Ranker tool because I knew it can rank my niches without spending 100$ for the Proxy Scrapper.. So why do I HAVE to buy it now..
  • DoonDoon Netherlands

    stop whining.. GSA SER is only 99$, his proxy scraper is useless and he is getting a nice payment for it that he deserves ;) buy it, or take your shit elsewhere :P
  • If you're concerned about spending $99 on a lifetime license to provide you with website metrics and an endless supply of public proxies then I'm sorry to say it but you're in the wrong business.

    To the other poster above, I wouldn't trust DA as a reliable source of whether a domain has been spammed or not about as far as I could throw Rand Fishkin. It's all but useless IMO.
  • DoonDoon Netherlands
    I wouldn't trust DA

    true about that one.. think about it, with one click you can create a tier project and spam the shit out of that shit with your link.

    How many people are on that same site posting shit / garbage with GSA? 
    How many of them will click after a week / month create tier project to boost their initial links ? 

    this is why many people say, GSA can be harmfull for your site.
    But if you set it up correctly yoru pretty safe, for example set the filter on to not post to a site that has 10-20-30 links on it..

    if you dont set it up GSa doesnt give a fuck and you will end up on a site where you placed a link on the comment section. where the comment section is page 205689.

    (im not joking I had this once) 

    play it safe.. 

    I want to give out one more huge secret to you all, and the biggest reason why im interested in PA / DA.

    I have a ahrefs premium account, so I can check many sites out what they are doing, what they are building etc..

    I have seen a site in the 9,000 range (global ahrefs rank) 
    I know the ahrefs global metrics is not that reliable, but here's the shocking thing. 
    The site got to that point with only 50 backlinks.

    50 backlinks of PA/DA of 70-90

    think about this next time you set GSA up to have the highest lpm / vpm ;) 

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