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anyone tried spin vps ??

Hi guys. anyone tried i found that they are cheap but i don't know if they are trust-able or not ??!



  • DoonDoon Netherlands
    I dont like it.. 

    • 1 Intel CPU Cores @3.4 GHZ 

      What is this ? what kind of processor ? the pricing is good, but you dont know what your buying
  • Thanks... I am just starting and i am looking for cheap one ^_^
  • You won't know unless you try it out yourself :)
    I have one VPS with them which was awesome for months but couple of weeks ago something happened and it's a pain to use it now. It much depends on your location as well.
    The support is fast and helpful though.
    If you are just starting then keep in mind that windows will need around 30GB of HDD on it's own on the long run.
    Also you probably won't need ssd drive either.
  • you mean that something happened to the performance like internet speed ??
  • To be precise one day I couldn't access the server. I sent a ticket explaining the situation then they replied that unfortunately they had to change my IP address. Since then the system is slow and the cpu usage is high.

    I guess they've been kicked out of a data center and the new one isn't as good as before. That's why I said it much depends on the location because if you are in the US then this may not happened there.

    Anyway, don't expect too much from a cheap VPS. It's cheap for a reason but it's fine until you can get a dedi.
  • Thanks For The Info
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