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Custom Engines Files

pclwebpclweb UK
edited September 2012 in Feature Requests
Hi, was wondering if you could add an option to use our own custom folder for custom engines files. Also the program should look in the custom folder and replace the engine used with the one i created. This way we don't have duplicate engines in projects and also the files dont get overwritten.. :)


  • You can simply edit the inis and rename them: 

    For Instance:
    You create a custom_wikis.ini , then change "engine type=" to "engine type=Custom" and you will find your engine under the Tab "Custom" in the Interface

  • Yup, just edit the filename.

    I agree it would be nice the have the engines folder use subfolders, but its not really important.
  • his guys, yes i understand what your saying. what i was saying was that it would be a better option for a custom folder for modified scripts as some sites are being missed on import. If the software checked the folder on startup then use the custom file and not the original if would save alot of hastle. especially for people with huge project lists. going through them manually and disabling the original script and enabling the custom file. also on import it'll add all sites into this new custom list and not the original file.. it's all about ease of use.. :)

    suppose it doesn't really matter with the amount of other sites to post onto.. was just an idea

  • Is anyone offering a service to create custom engines? 
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