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Long time owner (outdated tactics), newbie level user of GSA SER

The last time I used GSA SER is when Captcha Breaker hadn't been finished yet.  So I used Captcha Sniper.  Anyway, that is just to give you an idea of how different SEO was when I used this.  People were using SER as a Tier 1 link builder back then.  That all means that I don't know much about how to use it.

Currently I build Tier 1 links with AutoFill Magic. I spin them with both Spin Rewriter and The Best Spinner. I hand edit all the articles so they read quite well.

Now I want to backlink those AFM tier 1 links.

What sort of set up do I need to use?  for instance if I use Wicked Article Creator (WAC) Premium and set it to Tier 1 articles is that good enough to be a Tier 2 link to my AFM sites?

Is it better if I spin a bunch of articles in TBS and export them as spintext and let SER draw on them from a folder (I think SER does this).

Because of my complete lack of knowledge about SER I am currently only using 3 platforms until I learn what is best. I am using Social Networks, Social Bookmarks, Blog comments, and indexing.  I am afraid to use any article sites for fear my quality will be too low.  So I am really using SER more like an indexer? Or atleast that is what I am trying to do.

I watched the video on target scraping. I used the built in footprints along with about 300 or so of my keywords. Does SER automatically add that to my list of targets? I also ticked the box to save it as a file.

It seems to also include a template for how to set up SER correctly.
Does is seem wiser to just go with a paid solution while I figure out how to get quality articles for tier 2 and how to scrape properly.

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