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Can GSA SER works with another proxy, Like Pure VPN

Dear All,

I have question, can GSA SER works with Pure PVN ? >
I only have pure PVN..

Hope get amazing answer here..

Thanks All,

Best Regards,


  • Youre better off going with one of the providers reccomended on here already
  • What Pure VPN not works with GSA SER sir..?
  • Don't know about pure, but I've been using it with Ivacy VPN ( ) forr quite some time now. Works absolutely fine...
  • The feature with is same.. i think this works.. how..
  • @imambudianto5, I think you just do not understand what is VPN and how it works
  • DoonDoon Netherlands
    all i know is if you run a VPS you cant run just by simple installing a VPN on it. it will change your ip adress, kick you out of the system and hopefully you can reboot your server from console.

    I did try some shit tho with purevpn as you mentioned, and you need openVPN to work with PureVPN and than you somewhat chance of configuring it the right way. But anyways, WAY TOO MUCH WORK... just buy some proxies instead... Unless you got like a free VPN with thousands of ip's and you have script to rotate it every ? +- 2 hours ? than yeah.. go ahead.. I choose purevpn because they allow shit like SEO tools and torrents / popcorntime.. I did it with HMA and got suspended account in like 1 hours :)
  • Dear All,

    Yeah, thanks very much for response this discussion.. i just want instead how to gsa ser works with another virtual netwoks and now, i know that vpn with proxy list is deferent to works. Doon thanks very much for give me amazing answer.. now.. i must be buy proxy, may be i will buy on buyproxy :) , hope you can be answer my another quetion later.. Thanks
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