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PR Jacker license wanted

Hi, I want to purchase a PR Jacker license, but it seems it's impossible from the official website, because the purchase link has been disabled.
Is there anyone here who don't need it any more, and willing to sell it to me?
Thanks in advance!


  • Haha, you can have mine dude. It doesn't work. No one's does and there is no support.

    Sven is making a replacement to integrate it into SER or Proxy Scraper. Just hold on.
  • I have 4 of them... good thing I got a discount on them all. It worked for a few months.
  • Thanks for all your reply, I get it fixed now.
  • royalmiceroyalmice WEBSITE: ---> | SKYPE:---> asiavirtualsolutions
    edited April 2016
    PR Jacker is working fine for me

  • BigGulpsHuhWelp Are you selling any one of them ? Can I get one. Thanks
  • Not selling them- I don't think its working right now anyways.
  • DoonDoon Netherlands
    I dont think this is working,  some say it is some say it isn't... maybe old version does, or some nulled version.. who knows... Anyways I have another question for you guys here who used PRJacker and also for @sven .

    Does anyone know how to bypass the 10 seconds waiting rule on Moz? when I created my api, it stated only that it allows 1 per 10 second request. How did PRJacker bypass this...?

    and for @sven I noticed you added this feature in GSA Platform Identifier !! im so happy man because I was saving for GSA Proxy scraper just for that function. 

    My question is, if I use the API from Moz wouldnt that get me somewhere @ 6 links per minute with GSA PI ?

    (1 request per 10 seconds = 6 a minute) 

    So my 1million list would take couple months.. which a is pretty big deal.
    How did PRJacker do this so fast ? is GSA PI also as fast as PRjacker in those videos? Is there a way to bypass this 10 second - request rulle from their Free Api function?

    thats what im concerned about right now.... it would take ages to identify.
    Another thing would be giving us an option to add like 10-20 accounts with Moz.
    And add 20 api's from different accounts. meaning we get 6x20 links per minute. still uncomparable with 6,000 links per minute what im getting now on avarage but at least It will be worth a shot getting some high links out of the list and make a seperated list and use directly something like 2captcha on it instead of GSA CB. (this is what my plan was) 

  • SvenSven
    PRJacker used the free api and proxies to overcome the limitations of 1 request per 10 seconds.
  • DoonDoon Netherlands
    If I load up proxies in GSA PI wil it do the same? or will it do just 1 per 10 sec?
  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
    @Doon - it's 1 request every 10 seconds in Pi.
  • SvenSven
    @Donn what PRJacker does is not allowed by the MOZ TOS. We received a letter from MOZ to disable this and so we did. If PRJacker is not following there terms then it's up to them. Maybe they discontinued the service as well because of this. I don't know why the new update is not following there terms still. And I would not wonder they get in trouble sooner or later with this.

  • DoonDoon Netherlands
    @Sven - what about adding several accounts of moz in one GSA PI ? or you rather keep this legit and straight with the MOZ people...
  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
    @Doon - The option to rotate Moz accounts was available in Pi not too long ago, but they contacted us about it breaking their terms so the account rotation option was removed. 

    I know @banditim mentioned possibly making some kind of affordable PA/DA service. Not sure if he's still planning on that or not. 
  • DoonDoon Netherlands
    @banditim also stated it was a "workaround" a trick around their system, so I hope it will last... It would be a waste of time if his trick to get it done without these restrictions gets banned in couple days / weeks / months..

    other than that, I am also very interested too. 
    I just scraped 74 million links, I cant imagine what happens if I load them up in PI with the Moz filter on. I think i would need a year subscription on my Dedicated server.
  • @Doon

    That's going to take forever to process through in PI. 

    DId you remove duplicate domains and duplicate url's?
  • DoonDoon Netherlands

    hey bro.. so this is what i did (i did not use the moz ofcourse, waste of time) "waiting for your mystery moz solver mister banditim. "

    I did tried the Scrapebox thing tho! it has a PA / DA filter too, and here's what happens with it.
    I load it up once, and it's taking ages.

    I copied a proxie and inserted the key (sort of what prjacker was doing) 
    And I did this with 20 proxies.

    So here's what happens in scrapebox.
    It loads the PA / DA of 20 sites instantly (Jackpot, no 10 seconds per request)
    But than it produces 20 errors 

    Than 20 sites instantly with PA / DA
    Than 20 sites with errors
    Than 20 sites instantly with PA / DA 
    Than 20 sites with errors

    You get the point right? :)

    so yeah it's faster than any other tool out there, but with errors everytime it runs out of proxies.

    So about my 76 million list ( i waited couple more minutes to get to 80 but got impatient. 
    I removed duplicates and.....***Drums Rolling*** 11 million backlinks :)

    GSA Pi statistics today : 3,9m / 11,8m done so far (34%) time left : 79hours 54minutes
    out of the 3,9 million done 2,9 were unfortunately "unrecognized" but we still got lots to process :)

  • DoonDoon Netherlands
    I forgot to add that GSA PI is a very demanding CPU program. If I didn't had my 8 Windows 7 installations on my Dedicated server with windows 2012, no GSA , No "secret other tool I use", Scrapebox, bla bla bla.. I would have loaded just GSA Pi up and it could fix it 4x faster than now.. maybe even 6x faster.

    right now it's doing 1,5k / minute and using only 6% cpu :) so im happy because I run many tools on my virtual installations of win7 together.

    (I got a workaround on some restricted software that can be opened only ones by using windows 7 virtuallizations) so yeah... Im happy that all runs smooth as fuck. GSA SER is running on 1200 threads +- 400 lpm in the background (couple churn and burn stuff for testing) and in the meantime I let my windows 7's run in the background with my other tools. 

    Im verry happy with my dedicated server. it's the best :) 

    64Gb Ram / 1650xeon 6cores / 12 threads 3,3ghz - windows 2012r2 and several windows 7's on it. Im in Black hat paradise  =D>
  • DoonDoon Netherlands
    My worst epic fail purchase of the year would have been.. Xrumer.. stay the Fuck away from that shit. your welcome...
  • i've actually been playing with the idea of building my own server for processing. it pretty much comes from a need directly related to using GSA PI. i can scrape way faster than I can de-dupe and process the URLs ..

    @sven, has GSA PI been tested on server CPUs like the XEON E3/E5 and is it optimized to use more than 4 cores? 
  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
    @kijix84 - Yes, it has been optimized to make use of all cores.
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