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Update Going On?

Generally I don't really pay attention to these kind of threads, but I've been seeing MAJOR increases today and yesterday on 30+ of my sites. Hit several top 1 spots for very competitive keywords and numerous top 3 spots. Some sites haven't even been properly set up yet, so I have some around the clock work conversion optimization to do, lol.

Not sure what to make of it, but I'm seeing these increases irrespective of the link building techniques used. If it's Penguin it seems like an actual update instead of a plain refresh. 

Anyone else noticing major fluctuations?


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    No but I'd like to. Not seeing any movement up or down which is odd in itself so maybe its slow to hit every aspect or its locked onto a few niches. Can you give a broad clue as to what niches and country?

    Update or not, congratulations.
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    One of my sites in a .uk finance sub niche also jumped from pos 5,6,7 to pos 2,3,4 across a wide range of fairly difficult keywords. Not sure if it was an update or what, but certainly not complaining...
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    It's across a wide variety of niches and countries. Dutch e-commerce, coupons and finance , English app installs / hacks / cheats, a variety of EU locales in the dietary supplement niche and even some affiliate parasites. Id' guess over 60% my domains made very significant jumps. 

    I have to admit there is a little overlap in linkbuilding strategies, but nothing I'd expect to be the cause. Interestingly a brand new 'legal anabolics' domain with autotranslated gibberish content (very strong site structure /interlinking though) and a meager amount of links jumped from 20 to 300 UV's overnight. Quite puzzled what might be the cause / update, but I'm definitely not complaining either lol.

    What kind of rank tracker are you guys using BTW? It might be that some update slowly or something. I'm seeing positive changes with more and more sites every hour (using Proranktracker).
  • Accuranker for me.

    Interesting. Any hints as to what you link building you might have been doing 2-3 weeks ago?
  • Using Serpbook here mate.

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    The last month I've scripted and run some experiments on about a dozen largely untapped (parts) of different CMS', but that's just for about a handful of domains. Seeing major increases across the board.

    Interestingly some people on BHW are seeing the same fluctuations, while others do not. Maybe it's just the beginning of an update and for some reason links in general are the common factor here? Effect might be numbed down or even reversed when its completed. Can't come up with anything else.
  • Yeah could just be a few types of links that have been given a boost and/or other types of link power diminished.

    Congrats either way, keep up what you're doing....or at least find out what it is and keep that up 
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