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majestic api change - no free . Oh my god .

Now prjacker doesnt work anymore ( CF/TF not working ) 
i tested 
majestic api maybe change like Moz api .

So sad



  • SvenSven
    time for Proxy Scraper then? Im sorry but the API seems to be fine as always. Was there an update to PRJacker so they removed things?
  • @sven

    No, @emptee just stopped support. No email responses nor any PM responses. It was a one time fee so maybe he just didn't have the resources- maybe he got a full time job. Who knows.
  • he maybe end his business . haha
    no da/pa
    no tf/cf
    useless tool

    so i hope you doing something on gsa , @sven
    we cant build any good link for tier 1 now

  • PRjacker is still working I cant understand what this guy post here. @sven any chances to use proxyscraper live with GSA so that the tool will filter the links real time?
  • still working ?
    are you kidding me ?
    i test with 10 proxy , it shows error
    yesterday , it still worked .

  • it works on my side
  • SvenSven
    theguruland yes. Since the latest update, you can use GSA Proxy Scraper as a google-pr-api emulator just like PRJacker.
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