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VPS or Dedicated? Considering Offering a Hosting Solution

Hey everyone,

I am considering utilizing the bulk discounts that I receive with my current ISPs I use for my private proxy service and offer a hosting solution. I'm aware of all the headaches involved with such a service, but it's worth at least trying. My questions for anyone that wants to give me their 2 cents:

1. Do you use a VPS or dedi for SEO / SER related tasks?

2. Are you willing to pay a slightly higher premium price for not oversold VPS's? The only way the current providers can offer $5/mo VPS's is because they are overselling the CPU/RAM -- there is no way physically that you can offer such a price without overselling.

3. What do you pay currently for your VPS/Dedi, and what are the system resources (CPU cores, CPU model, RAM)

4. Any other questions/suggestions/feedbacks in regard to this would be appreciated :). People with useful thoughts/opinions/feedback will be considered for a discount when I go live.



  • 1. Dedicated server
    2. N/A due to above
    3. $68pm with recurring discount for We will double your RAM to 32GB plus 2x600GB SAS10k drive + E3-1240v3 CPU (4 cores 8 threads - 3.4GHz) 
    4. My personal preference would be to have the server 'setup' ie. CCleaner, Firefox, all security BS that Windows wants (never understood this seems like an IE problem which is why I don't use it). Dropbox etc etc, have tick boxes for what people want to be setup. 

    TBH I think having used nearly all of your services, that communication is the main thing that I look for and that is lacking from VPS/server providers, and it's something you're very good at. If there's a problem, you'll hold your hands up and say it and do anything to solve it. I and I'm sure others appreciate that, and it would be the one thing that would make me stay rather than jet off to the next faceless server provider.

    * It has never 'felt' like a fast server though. I've had many from various providers and only one 'seemed' fast. I don't rape SER as much any more, it only runs at 20% CPU (max) and 1-2GB RAM. I run Scrapebox on my home computer now (64bt just seems so much better for all tools and servers notoriously have Windows 3.1 or whatever it is) and have stopped GScraper altogether now as SB is far more resourceful for what I need it for. In fact I've optimised so much that I hardly use much nowadays.

  • BlazingSEOBlazingSEO
    edited April 2016
    Thanks @JudderMan for the thoughts/opinions. I currently host 50 dedicated E3-1240v3's, 16 GB RAM, on my ISP that sells me thousands upon thousands of IPs (I spend over $10k/mo with them if that gives you an idea of how much business I give them), and they are unable to get my costs any lower than $70/mo for a dedicated E3-1204v3, 16 GB RAM.

    Power/energy-wise, and hardware wise, it is not feasible at all, trust me, I've tried bargaining them down and they give me the best prices possible because of the volume of business I bring them. I'm also in negotiations with another ISP to diversify my proxy service, and they too said the same thing -- and they couldn't even match that price because my other ISP was giving it to me at a ~24 month ROI (meaning, they wouldn't make money until 24 months later on the server itself. The IPs are a different thing)

    That being said, it makes sense why they don't seem "fast". They are either:

    1. Actually selling you a VPS, and posing it as a VPS. It's quite possible they are buying some MEGA CPUs (think $500-$800 computers) and splitting those off into "mega VPS's" that have the specs you have. But still, in actuality, you are sharing you resources with others on that single server which causes lag.

    2. Selling you a dedicated, but throttling you in other aspects (networking being the easiest one).

    That has always been my one reserve with the hosting business. All the lies and shady tactics companies do that make them seem like a better deal, but unless you really have a system administrator on your team (like I do) to confirm a server being a pile of crap, or confirming it is actually what it is, then you would NEVER know the difference. 95% of the server-buying, especially VPS-buying, public doesn't have that luxury and I'm afraid it will be too hard for me to offer a high-quality service (without the shady tactics and lies) at a price point they are willing to pay.

    Hm :/

  • so what are you offering??
  • BlazingSEOBlazingSEO
    I will be opening up a SEO-tailored VPS solution, meant for use with SEO software such as GSA SER, Xrumer, etc
  • Thanks Bandit - like I said I don't nail my server as much these days, so I'm assuming there is a throttle/bottlenecking going on. 

    I got an early recurring discount, and I think the prices today are more like $90pm for the one I have.

    I don't like all the shady lies either, my server provider resells OVH I believe, and I've had a couple of run-ins with them. 

    I think you should go for it, and wish you good luck.

    BTW, can you provide dedicated IPs (will need 20-50 soon) and some tips/support. PM me if this is a distraction to this thread.

  • BlazingSEOBlazingSEO
    @JudderMan - dedicated IPs to your server, or dedicated proxies? Our proxies are offered here:

    I wouldn't be able to actually give you IPs to your server unless you happened to be in the same datacenter I am (unlikely)
  • Thanks @BanditIM TBH I'm not 100% sure but I'm fairly sure it's just dedicated proxies which you prices look good. It's for a separate thing to SER.
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