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Majestic SEO don't see GSA backlinks ?

Hi guys,
Im using GSA primarly to backlink my PBN, Im using contexual links only, filtered by domains with TF over 10.
what is strange for me is the fact that none of the backlinks checker see those links, even after weeks that have been made. Many of them are deleted in time but some stay strong. 
Any reason why Majestic SEO don't see them ?


  • It doesn't really matter if majestic seo finds them or not,what matters is google..first check and see if google indexed them.
  • sad
    same problem

  • edited April 2016
    try to blast more tier2
  • hemi427hemi427 Internet
    I also do blast tier 2 but no big luck. Whether you blast your tier or not, in time  search engine "must" pick up the backlink.
  • web4youweb4you store
    whats kind sites doesn't index?
    Indexing total for ahrefs,google,majesctic is not easy :-)
  • Majestic is notoriously bad with picking up GSA links. They either dismiss crawling certain URL structures to save crawling budget or filter them out to not overwhelm users with 1000's of backlinks to skim through. 

    Ahrefs is way better picking them up - but it all doesn't matter anyway. 
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